Queue Times

Learn the longest queues and plan around the most popular attractions to maximise your time and ride with the shortest waits.

The ultimate vicitims of their own success, Disney parks are often associated with long, snaking queues. Is it really that bad? No, not at all. There are rides which attract lengthy waits, but there are equally a number of ways to beat these. Inbetween, Disney's Imagineers have designed more themed areas, walkthroughs and diversions to keep you occupied than any other theme parks on earth. You can have a great time at Disneyland Paris without ever standing in line.

What determines an average queue time is usually a mixture of popularity — the number of people wanting to ride — and capacity — the number of spaces available. Some attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean are signature "must-do" rides yet rarely edge above a "5 minute" wait posted outside, because here the capacity of the boats (20+ in each) was well-planned in advance to be as high-capacity as possible. On the other hand, examples like Peter Pan's Flight and Crush's Coaster, having concepts which lead to small hourly capacities, will almost always have long waits.

Rather than arriving at the park and working out for youself which attractions generally have the longer or shorter queues, however, it's a good idea to find out in advance, so you know where to head in the quieter spells...

Very Long Wait

~100mins. The attractions it seems nobody wants to miss — family roller coasters and popular childhood fantasies. Try to ride Dumbo the Flying Elephant and Crush's Coaster first thing in the morning or just before park closing.

Long Wait

~60mins. With either enough capacity to queues manageable or slightly fewer visitors rushing to ride, these attractions are nevertheless some of the most popular. Be sure to use FASTPASS wherever possible.

Average Wait

~30mins. Neither incredibly long nor pleasingly short queues, it's best to miss these at very busy times to avoid queuing overly long for an attraction that may be a walk-on toward the end of the day.

Short Wait

~10mins. Minor rides mixed with major attractions given the benefit of very high-capacities, to offer short waiting times right throughout the day.

Scheduled Times Only

These show-based attractions happen only at scheduled times, with are printed in the weekly park programme. It is recommended you arrive at least 15 minutes in advance of the showtime.

NOTE: Wait times should be used as a guide only, based on a day with average to high attendace, and refer to the wait time posted outside the attraction. Actual wait times are often shorter.

Beat the queues

Use these services to enjoy attractions with little to no wait:

Know the quietest times

Or, dash around the popular rides when their queues are shortest:

  • First thing in the morning
  • Just before park closure
  • During the main shows and parades

Get live queue updates

Learn to use the Tips Boards in each park, displaying live wait times from the most popular attractions:

  • In Disneyland Park, just off Central Plaza and at the entrance to Discoveryland
  • In Walt Disney Studios Park, at the foot of Hollywood Boulevard, ahead to your left as you leave Disney Studio 1

If you've got an iPhone, download the free official Disneyland Paris app to see live queue times for each attraction once you're in the park. But be careful if you're on a mobile contract from outside France — data roaming charges can quickly add up!