Pocahontas Indian Village

Just around the river bend...

Discover what lies just around the river bend and learn to paint with all the colours of the wind, as Pocahontas and her forest friends let children enjoy the thrill of the outdoors and the spirit of exploration, at this settlement of traditional Native American tepees!

Younger children can enjoy running, climbing and jumping around the encampment of swings, bridges and slides suspended between the open wooden supports of tepees. Details recall the forest friends of Pocahontas from Disney's 1995 animated movie, whilst parents and older visitors can enjoy a peaceful place to sit by the river, watching the trains of Big Thunder Mountain rush by and the riverboats slowly ply their course through the luscious green trees.

Outdoor children's play area based on a Native American encampment.

  • Opening Date

    22nd June 1996

  • Attraction Type

    Outdoor play area

  • Suitablility
    • Children 3-7
    • Children 8-12
    • Young Adults
    • Adults
    • Seniors


  • This small peninsula on the Rivers of the Far West was originally home to the queue line of a similarly themed, classic Disneyland attraction: the Indian Canoes. Guests could take to the waters and, led by a Cast Member in each canoe, paddle their own way around Wilderness Island and Big Thunder Mountain in groups of around 20. This was also the only way to get up-close to the landscape in the middle of the rivers, including some mysterious caverns. Today, you can follow the short wooden walkway on the left of Pocahontas Indian Village to the waters edge and still see the channel where the canoes loaded and unloaded.
  • The Indian Canoes closed due to poor capacity in 1994, at a time when the park was striving to add capacity (notably with additions such as The Chaparral Theater nearby) and manage its financial losses of the opening years. They are unlikely to ever reopen, although Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes at Disneyland in California and Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes at Tokyo Disneyland are still going strong and Cast Members still hold their annual canoe race in Paris, albeit in more modern kayaks.
  • Pocahontas was all the rage at Disneyland Paris in 1996. A special mini-parade celebrating the film out on the parade route each day, this playground newly opened and nearby, The Chaparral Theater was showing Pocahontas le Spectacle, a popular live stage show where guests could become part of the film themselves, featuring some exciting water and fire effects.
  • In 2010, the archway at the entrance to Pocahontas Indian Village was removed and replaced with a new marquee in the greenery to the side of the entrance, opening up the area into a more continuous themed environment, particularly with the old Pueblo Trading Post boutique nearby.
  • This isn't the only Native American camp in Frontierland. Another set of tepees can be found outside Fort Comstock at Legends of the Wild West, complete with billowing smoke!

Each of the six old Indian Canoes which sailed from here measured 10.66 metres long


  • Although you and your children are most likely to want to take a break in the middle of the day, the village will be much quieter in the mornings and from the afternoon onwards. On sunny days it can become quite crowded with children and pushchairs, though the waters edge behind the play area still provides a peaceful rest spot.


  • For their safety and comfort, children must be in good health and fit to use the equipment available.
  • Designed for children from 4 to 8 years old.
  • Fully accessible, but most play equipment may not be suitable.