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Annual Passports

Enjoy all four seasons of Disneyland Paris magic.

Are you wishing you could visit Disneyland Paris more than just once a year? See the parks through Spring, Summer, Halloween, Christmas — everything — on a single ticket? Let's make it happen — and for less than you might think.

Annual passes for Disneyland Paris are easy to buy, offering up to a full 365 days access to both Disney parks each year and some extra-special privileges on top. But the best part is the price. If you're willing to drop the top-tier privileges, you'll be truly surprised how affordable a whole year of Disney magic can be.

In fact, if you're staying for three days or more, you might find a 'Pass Annuel' cheaper than a regular entrance ticket — and a massive saving if you plan to return again even just once the same year.

New Annual Passes now available

  • This year, Disneyland Paris launched three brand new Annual Pass tickets with a range of new benefits and terms.
  • You'll be able to find a full, independent guide to the Magic Flex, Magic Plus and Infinity passes here soon. Until then, consult the official Disneyland Paris website.