Driving Directions

Second star to the right and straight on down the A4 autoroute!

Disneyland Paris is located 32 kilometres (20 miles) east of the city of Paris, roughly a 35 minute drive, on the edge of a large suburban area known as Marne-la-Vallée.

Disney didn't choose the Ile-de-France region by chance, nor did it make its home in the peaceful beet fields of Marne-la-Vallée without realising that this location places it right at the heart of a continent, just a short drive from the city of Paris and its airports, easy to reach from every direction and every neighbouring country. The A4 autoroute (motorway) passes right past the resort from Paris.

As a general guide, follow signs to "Marne-la-Vallée". Then, once you get close to the resort, the excitement starts! Iconic Sorcerer Mickey signs like that seen above are placed all the way around Paris' motorway (highway) system, leading you straight to the magic.

Autoroute exits

The attractions of Disneyland Paris have several exits off the A4 autoroute:

  • Exit 12.1 — Val d'Europe, La Vallée Village Outlet, Hotel L'Elysée, Adagio City Aparthotel
  • Exit 13 — Disney's Davy Crockett Ranch, Davy Crockett's Adventure
  • Exit 14Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios Park, Disney Village, Disney Hotels, Selected Hotels, Golf Disneyland, Marriott's Village d'Ile-de-France, Radisson Blu Hotel

Disneyland Paris location map

Sat Nav instructions

Your satellite navigation device needs the following details to find Disneyland Paris:

Some smarter satellite navigation systems may even find the resort automatically just with "Disneyland Paris" or "Disneyland Resort Paris".

The nearest town to specify for Disneyland Paris is Serris. In any case, once you get near enough the resort on the A4 autoroute, the sat-nav is unncessary as the signs are so easy to follow.

Directions to Disneyland Paris

Quick guides to get your bearings from common start points:

  • From Calais — Take the A26 to Arras, then the A1 all the way down to Roissy. The A104 then takes you across to meet the A4, where you simply head North/East for Disneyland Paris. Alternative: the N330 from Senlis and A140 around Meaux, joining the A4 north of Disneyland but incurring a toll.
  • From Chares de Gaulle Airport — Take the A104 across to meet the A4, where you simply head east for Disneyland Paris.
  • From central Paris — Follow the A4 all the way out to Disneyland Paris, joining it via the Boulevard Périphérique (Paris ring road) if necessary.
  • From Fontainebleau — Take the A5 or A6 north (avoiding Melun) to join the N104, which takes you all the way up to the A4, where you simply head east for Disneyland Paris.

Driving in France

Of course, you must drive on the right in France! But there are also several other requirements of driving here:

  • High-visibility vests and warning triangles are compulsory and must be carried on all vehicles. First aid kits and replacement lightbulb sets are not compulsory but are advised.
  • Nationality stickers must be applied to rear bumpers for older cars, not already carrying the European stars emblem and nationality as part of its permanent number (licence) plate.
  • Headlamp converters are compulsory for British (left-hand drive) cars. Dipped headlights should be used even in daytime in poor visibility such as heavy rain and fog.
  • Speed limits are 130 km/h for motorways, 110 km/h for dual carriageways, 90 km/h for open roads and 50 km/h in towns, unless stated otherwise by roadside signs. In wet weather, the limits become 110 km/h for motorways, 100 km/h for dual carriageways and 80 km/h for open roads. Kilometres are used for all speed restriction and distance signs.
  • Minimum driving age is 18 for a car.
  • Always carry your driving licence, vehicle registration document and a certificate of motor insurance. If you do not hold a photocard licence, always carry your Passport to validate the licence. (It is always advised to carry your Passport whether driving or not.)
  • All car occupants must wear a seat belt.
  • Children under 10 must not ride in the front passenger seat.

Planning your journey

Route Itinerary

Websites such as Via Michelin and Mappy are great to plan your journey itinerary to the resort from further afield, combining a route plan with useful information such as expected journey time and toll charges.


An Esso petrol (gas) station is located on the resort near Disney's Hotel Santa Fe at the exit of the Disney Parks parking lot, so it's easy to fill up before you depart. All major credit and debit cards are accepted.

Elsewhere, petrol stations may have limited opening hours in rural areas. Some stations have automatic vending pumps, allowing you to pay by credit card 24 hours a day. The cheapest fuel can usually be found at large hypermarkets.


Note that tolls operate on many French motorway highways. A toll plaza is located just north of Disneyland Paris on the A4 autoroute, meaning that if you're travelling to or from a Northbound direction to the resort, you will have to pay a small charge to use the road. The toll booths usually have attendants to provide change and even accept credit cards, but it's best to remember to carry spare Euro coins with you.

Hire Cars

The official hire car partner of Disneyland Paris is Hertz. You can easily book a rental car online. Their main office is located within the Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy train station at the heart of the resort.

Disneyland Paris by Car
(in HD!)

Want to know what to expect when arriving at Disneyland Paris by car? We filmed the whole thing!