Woody's Roundup Village

Hey howdy hey!

Get that snake out 'your boots, reach for the sky and head on over to Woody's Roundup Village to meet all your favourite roundup pals, before somebody poisons the waterhole!

The sleepy farmland around Cottonwood Creek Ranch recalls a later period in the landscape of the old frontier, when the goldrush had subsided and agriculture became the way of the West.

Woody's Roundup Village

Originally guests could visit Critter Corral here, a petting farm with live animals, but waning popularity and increasing maintenance saw this series of outbuildings given over in late 2007 as a home for Woody and his friends from the classic Woody's Roundup television series, at the heart of Toy Story 2.

As well as adding a couple of new outbuildings for seasonal photo locations, the Disneyland Paris Entertainment department also devised a new central, covered meet 'n' greet platform and two fun, permanent photo backdrops. At one, guests can hold their nose to step inside Stinky Pete's box, whilst next door an old farm building is now home to a full-size Bullseye the horse, his stable plastered with clever memorabilia taken directly from the film.

Thematically, the computer animated world of Sheriff Woody seems a world away from the dramatic realism of Thunder Mesa's landscape and the intertwined backstory of Phantom Manor, but given it recalls a slightly hokey black and white television show from the 1950s, it's perhaps not so far after all from the childhood memories of Davy Crockett and Western TV specials many adults already attribute to the classic Frontierland. Woody and his roundup friends bring new purpose — and many more visitors — to this quiet corner, otherwise only given life by the whistles of passing railroad engines.

Disney character meet 'n' greet area.

  • Opening Date

    November 2007

  • Attraction Type

    Meet 'n' greet area

  • Suitablility
    • Children 3-7
    • Children 8-12
    • Young Adults
    • Adults
    • Seniors


  • Woody's Roundup Village is unique to Disneyland Paris and was developed by the resort's Entertainment team as a replacement for the shuttered Critter Corral petting farm which previously occupied the spot. It is the only permanent Disney "attraction" to be named after Woody, though the theme of Woody's Roundup (the classic TV series featured in Toy Story 2) has lent itself to several stage productions and seasonal villages at other resorts.
  • During the Christmas season the village becomes known as Disney's Santa Claus Village, with Santa Claus occupying one of the two outbuildings, though Woody and friends still make appearances outside.
  • The Woodcarver's Workshop was finally brought back into daily use in 2009 after almost a decade of lying empty. Though it was originally home to an actual woodcarver, carving wooden ornaments to order as souvenirs, it now serves as a small refreshment and general merchandise kiosk. During Christmas, it becomes Santa Claus' Post Office, where children can post their letters to Santa.
  • This corner of Frontierland, known as Cottonwood Creek Ranch, has seen many plans for more major redevelopment. Plans were on the drawing board in the late 1990s for a rapids ride similar to Grizzly River Run at Disney California Adventure, though it still remains the favourite location should a version of classic Disney attraction Splash Mountain ever arrive at Disneyland Paris. One (currently abandoned) plan for this log flume dark ride would see the current Woody's Roundup Village area completely redeveloped as the ride's signature flume takes the site of Disneyland Railroad Frontierland Depot, which would be moved piece-by-piece slightly further up the line.
  • Signage around the area, partcularly at the Cottonwood Creek Ranch gate, still refers to 'Critter Corral - Open 'til Sundown', and the area still somewhat officially retains the Critter Corral name.


  • Check the Programme, available alongside Park Guides at the entrance of the park under Main Street Station, for the day's meet 'n' greet appearance times.


  • Scheduled appearance times - check Programme.
  • Fully accessible.