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Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin

Gaddily bob-howdy!

Jump aboard Slinky Dog's springs to ride round and round, up and down, in circles as the silly old slinky toy chases his tale!

At the heart of Toy Story Playland is the land's oldest character toy: an authentic "Collector's Edition" Slinky Dog, complete with original 1950s cardboard box.

Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin

This powered roller coaster is the tamest attraction in the land, simply offering a continuous, circular ride up and down a relatively gentle incline. Aimed primarily at a younger age group, it nevertheless provides enough fun and kitsch design to be appreciated by a wide demographic of visitors.

Entering a queue line formed out of Lincoln Logs building blocks, you eventually step inside the giant box itself, which even has a retro-styled boardgame printed on its inside. The giant Slinky Dog train is connected end-to-end, travelling in a loop around a dog bowl filled with rubber bones and Andy's baseball. It builds up enough speed to provide a mild, fun thrill which, combined by the quick rise and descent, actually provides a ride not too dissimilar to Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

The layout takes advantage of the land's sloping elevation to provide perhaps the most convincing feeling of being shrunk, especially when standing at the foot of the ride, its enormous box towering above, surrounded by oversized grass.

Ride inside the bouncing springs of Slinky Dog as he chases his tail in an endless loop.

  • Opening Date

    17th August 2010

  • Attraction Type

    Circular chase ride

  • Duration

    1 minute 30 seconds

  • Capacity

    3 Guests per spring,
    17 springs

  • Suitablility
    • Children 3-7
    • Children 8-12
    • Young Adults
    • Adults
    • Seniors


  • The first Slinky Dog toys were released in 1952 after Helen H. Malsed of Washington state suggested to James Industries that they should turn their basic metal slinky into a pull-along dog. Discontinued some years before the release of Toy Story, 1995 saw a new, redesigned Slinky Dog released to match the film.
  • Lincoln Logs, which form the entrance and much of the queue line of the attraction, were invented in 1916 and take their name not from Abraham Lincoln but the middle name of the inventor's father. They were notably featured in Toy Story 2, when a building made of Lincoln Logs collapses to reveal Mr and Mrs Potato Head inside, kissing.
  • Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin could actually be considered as the park's fourth roller coaster, and the third in Toon Studio. Rather than being turned by arms reaching from a central axis as in similar circular rides, it is actually a continuous, powered roller coaster, driven by flywheels below the track. It was manufactured to a custom design by Intamin AG of Switzerland.
  • Originally, Slinky Dog's ears were made of a floppy leather-like material, swinging outwards in the wind. Some weeks after opening, they were replaced with sturdier, more durable ears which stay in place as he chases in circles.

Whilst the real Slinky Dog toy has 17 rings in its spring, Toy Story Playland's version has no less than 36 giant coils!


  • Like the other Toy Story Playland attractions, Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin attracts some of the longest queue times in the park which unfortunately stay fairly consistent throughout the day. If you're a big Slinky fan, try to either ride first thing in the day or wait until the afternoon, when Slinky's younger fans may start heading home.
  • If you are able to choose where to sit, ride further back, since sitting at the front your view will be partially blocked by Slinky's head.
  • The layout of the attraction is great for those who want to film or photograph friends or family riding. The elevated area to the right of the ride provides a perfect view as Slinky Dog's springs bounce past.


  • Fully accessible.