Toy Story Playland

Play with your favourite toys, like never before!

Imagine being shrunk to the size of a Toy Story star in Andy's back garden. Blades of grass sprout up around you, tiny pebbles look like giant boulders — and the toys invite you play as one of them!

Brand new and unique to Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris, Toy Story Playland is the first complete land based on the Pixar smash-success trilogy, where children can gleefully meet and play with their heroes and adults will be transported back to their own childhood in the greatest Disneyland tradition.

With human-size green army men, a towering orange Hot Wheels race track, balsa wood airplanes, railings made of K'Nex construction kits, wooden railway track for benches and more to find, you'll be beaming with "I remember those!" nostalgia at every turn.

The land, part of Toon Studio, is also home to three distinct and unique new attractions.

Explore Andy's backyard at the size of the toy, filled with nostalgic nods to famous playthings and three new attractions.

  • Opening Date

    17th August 2010

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  • Rides & Attractions

    3 attractions