La Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant

In a faraway land, long ago...

Climb the curving stairs into the castle's spectacular first-floor gallery and follow the timeless story of Sleeping Beauty through a series of beautiful stained glass windows and tapestries.

The tale of Sleeping Beauty told through stained-glass windows and rich tableaux.

  • Opening Date

    12th April 1992

  • Attraction Type


  • Duration

    About 15 minutes to explore

  • Suitablility
    • Children 3-7
    • Children 8-12
    • Young Adults
    • Adults
    • Seniors


  • The oval stained-glass window in the main chamber actually features two images symbolising the gifts given to Princess Aurora by the Three Fairies — a Rose for beauty and two Doves for song. The window changes between the two designs every few seconds through the use of polarised light from behind.
  • The fabric tapestries which form scenes of the Sleeping Beauty story within the galerie were individually made in the village of Aubusson in Creuse, central France, famous for its weaving and tapestry workshops for hundreds of years.
  • During the construction of the park, Head Imagineer Tony Baxter desired a souvenir to add to his collection from his time on the project. Inspired by the rich tapestries, he asked Tom Morris, head of Fantasyland, about the cost of producing a second edition of the Dragon Fight scene, but was immediately dissuaded. Meanwhile, then-Euro Disney chairman Bob Fitzpatrick had made a mental note and, at a celebration to mark the completion of the project, Baxter received a gift from all his team — a second version of the dragon fight tapestry, which now takes pride of place in his home!
  • The creation of the stained-glass windows was overseen in London by Peter Chapman, who had previously worked on the restoration of Notre Dame de Paris and for Queen Elizabeth II.

The 9 stained glass windows were made by hand in London, UK by craftsmen reknowned for the restoration of historic cathedrals and chateaux


  • Some guests can follow the route through this small walkthrough incorrectly. You should turn left at the top of the stairs and continue right around the mezzanine level clockwise, before leaving via the wooden door to the outside balcony overlooking Fantasyland. Pause to admire the view, then continue onwards and down the small spiral staircase to emerge on the Eastern side of the castle.


  • A lift at the rear of the Merlin l'Enchanteur boutique provides access to the first-floor mezzanine level.