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Disney's FASTPASS service has now ended.

As of Summer 2021, the service will effectively be replaced by Disney Premier Access, a new, paid, app-based queue-skipping service. Read more about the new Disney Premier Access here.

The guide below has been left here, for now, to allow for easy comparison between the services.

Important: The information below NO LONGER APPLIES to Disneyland Paris.

A completely FREE way to make the most of your day!

Rather than spend your time waiting in the queue, imagine if you could pick up a return time, go off and enjoy the rest of the park, and return for almost immediate boarding during your specified slot.

Disney's FASTPASS makes this possible at some of the most popular attractions, for no extra charge.

FASTPASS Attractions

Disneyland Park

Walt Disney Studios Park

How does it work?

It's quick and easy to get the most out of your day in the parks with Disney's FASTPASS, all you need is your park ticket!


Step 1: Check the times

  • At one of the FASTPASS-equipped attractions, you'll see both the regular entrance and the FASTPASS distribution area. If the current standby wait time displayed above the regular entrance is too long for you, step across to the FASTPASS machines and check the times displayed here — a half-hour slot, later in the day.
  • If this period suits your plans, continue to collect a ticket. Otherwise, return later when the timeslot has changed, or use the regular queue.

Step 2: Collect your ticket

  • If the current available timeslot suits you, walk up to the machines and swipe or scan your park ticket. Within a few seconds, your FASTPASS ticket will be printed. Remember to take both tickets, note your time, and you're now free to enjoy the rest of the park!
  • You can only hold one FASTPASS at a time for each park. Another FASTPASS will be available after the time printed on your first ticket, usually the start of your return time.

Step 3: Return during your timeslot

  • When your half-hour ride time is almost here, head back to the attraction and find its special FASTPASS return entrance. These are usually just to one side of the main entrance, well-signposted.
  • At the entrance, hand your FASTPASS ticket to the Cast Member and join the exclusive, shortened queue. As if by magic, you'll be on-board in no time at all — enjoy the ride!

Special FASTPASS Tickets

In addition to the regular FASTPASS tickets picked up from the distributors at each attraction, there are special tickets which are given as privileges and have different access allowances:

Disney Hotel FASTPASS

  • Tickets, often stamped with a single use or expiry date, which can be used once for priorty access at any time to any of the FASTPASS-equipped attractions.
  • One ticket given per day per guest for all guests staying at: Disneyland Hotel standard rooms, Disney's Hotel New York Empire State Club rooms, Disney's Newport Bay Club Compass Club rooms and Disney's Sequoia Lodge Golden Forest Club rooms.


  • Unlimited, multiple-use tickets for priorty access to any FASTPASS-equipped attraction. The dates of your stay will be written on the ticket, remember to keep it after each use, don't hand it to the attraction Cast Member. May only be available for use at certain times of day, check when you receive your tickets.
  • One ticket given per stay per guest for all staying at Disneyland Hotel Castle Club rooms and suites, Disney's Hotel New York suites, Disney's Newport Bay Club suites and Disney's Sequoia Lodge suites.


  • Discontinued.
  • Available to purchase from selected hotel receptions on a per-person and per-day basis, the Premium FASTPASS was first introduced in 2009, allowing the same unlimited access as VIP FASTPASS to those not staying in the room types listed above. These tickets are no longer available to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have more than one FASTPASS ticket at the same time?

  • No, only one Fastpass ticket can be held at a time. Your ticket will advise as to when another ticket for any FASTPASS attraction can be picked up, usually at the start time of this ride slot. However, it is possible to hold a FASTPASS Ticket for a Disneyland Park attraction and a Walt Disney Studios Park attraction at the same time, if you fancy a spot of park-hopping.

Can one person collect FASTPASS Tickets for the whole group?

  • Yes, all you need are the Park Tickets of all those who wish to ride (including children). We recommend, however, that you don't try to pick up more than 3 or 4 tickets at once, as this can prove frustrating for the people waiting behind! In this case, why not split the tickets between two of you?

Could I pick up an extra FASTPASS Ticket using the Park Ticket of someone in my group who doesn't want to ride?

  • Yes, FASTPASS Tickets can be used by anyone, it doesn't matter whose Park Ticket was used to pick them up. Again, though, always consider other guests and don't abuse this free time-saving service.

What if I arrive late for my FASTPASS timeslot?

  • If you arrive later than your half-hour ride period, it depends very much on the attending Cast Member whether you'll still be allowed to ride. Technically, you should not be allowed entry, but some Cast Members, particularly if the attraction is quiet, will overlook a few minutes and let you through. Whatever they decide is final, however, so please don't cause a scene!

What if I arrive early for my FASTPASS timeslot?

  • If you're only a matter of minutes early, you may be allowed entry. However, in most cases you'll be asked to step back and wait outside the FASTPASS entrance area until your timeslot officially begins. This is in the interest of keeping the flow of guests through the FASTPASS queue constant and regulated, meaning the wait times are as low as possible.

The current timeslot changes every few minutes as tickets are taken - what if our group end up with tickets for different times?

  • Don't worry, the timeslots only change by five minutes with each cycle, not by half-hours. So a timeslot of 12:15 - 12:45 will be followed by 12:20 - 12:50. Therefore, your groups' tickets will only be five minutes later, and you will be able to co-ordinate a return at the same time.

Why isn't FASTPASS available for Crush's Coaster?

  • This incredibly popular Toon Studio roller coaster has dabbled with a few FASTPASS tests of varying sizes since its opening in 2007, but the decision was ultimately made not to offer the service.
  • Why? Because this relatively small attraction was never designed with the system in mind. Its hourly capacity is too low, meaning devoting a segment of this to FASTPASS would make its regular queue time unbearable. At the same time, so few FASTPASS tickets would be able to be given out that they'd be gone within hours at the start of each day and, once you'd entered the attraction, you'd still face a reasonably long wait, even with FASTPASS.

Why don't they just offer FASTPASS for everything?

  • Like everything, FASTPASS is wonderful in moderation, on the larger attractions with a big enough capacity to support it, but adding it to too many attractions would cause major problems. In fact, the Paris resort has been very smart with its timid rollout of the system, unlike the two Amercian resorts which added FASTPASS to so many attractions that it later had to be scaled back quite heavily.
  • Imagine it: those thousands of people, usually waiting calmly in the queue lines of every attraction, are now out, wandering the park, looking for something to do to pass the time before their next ride slot. The park's pathways would become overcrowded, unsafe, and unpleasant. The queues are a necessary downside to the popularity of Disneyland, which is why the Imagineers who design the parks always try to make the wait as entertaining as possible.

Top Tips

  • Collect your first ticket as early in the day as possible, meaning your next ticket will be available sooner.
  • Peter Pan's Flight sees its FASTPASS Tickets disappear quickest, due to its lower capacity meaning less tickets are made available. Big Thunder Mountain also cycles through timeslots very quickly, due to its overwhelming popularity.
  • Conversely, tickets for Rock 'n' Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith and Flying Carpets Over Agrabah appear the slowest to be taken.
  • There's absolutely no need to arrive early and wait around for your timeslot as some guests do, you've got a full half-hour to return in! Make the most of your time to explore!