Baby Switch

Thrillseekers with young children? Double your time by only queuing once!

If two adults are visiting together with a young child, there's no need to queue twice when you want to ride the more thrilling attractions! The smart Baby Switch system, also known as Rider Switch or Rider Swap at the American parks, allows adults to queue once and then take turns riding the attraction, whilst the other watches over the little one.

When the first rider arrives back in the station loading area, they switch places with the second adult, who can then ride the attraction without a second wait whilst the first adult leaves the exit and waits nearby for them to return.

How to use Baby Switch

Found an attraction both adults would like to ride, but it isn't suitable for the young ones? Just ask the Cast Member at the entrance if you can use Baby Switch and they will give you directions suited to the particular attraction.

Normally, one adult waits in the normal queue line whilst the other is allowed through to a waiting area in the exit of the ride, on the other side of the loading station. The first adult rides, and then you do the switch. The adult then taking care of the child or baby is free to leave and wait nearby whilst the second rides with no wait.

Rides to enjoy together

Had enough switching? These are perfect for you to all ride together:

...and many more! Not least all the walkthroughs, themed areas, character opportunies and live entertainment throughout the Disney Parks. The whole ethos behind a Disney park is a place where people of all ages can have fun together. No other parks are more inclusive.