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C'est fantastique!

Donald Duck unlocks the animation vault and a musical timeline of Disney classics bursts to life in a unique "blacklight" stage show!

Housed in the 1,100-seat theatre within Studio 3, Animagique was a permanent live stage show performing up to five times daily all year round.


Utilising a novel staging technique of UV lights and flourescent paints, it saw a live Donald Duck travel through several recreated scenes from Disney classics, populated by props and puppets moved around by performers in black costume, making them appear to magically "float" around the stage.

After stealing Mickey's key to the animation vault in a fit of rage over his poor drawing skills, Donald stumbles into a cavern of film reels and, soon enough, into a pair of Pink Elephants from Dumbo. Their maddening dance ceases as Donald rips open The Jungle Book film canister, letting Baloo, King Louie and some perfectly choreographed palm trees loose to the music of the film.

This was a good place to see two modern favourites brought to life: First, the wonderful "Under the Sea" number of The Little Mermaid, with Flounder and the other fish truly appearing to float in mid-air. Two numbers were included from The Lion King, with Rafiki's "Circle of Life" christening eventually drawing Donald back to the animation studio, brimming with creative energy! As the curtain fell on the inescapably catchy "Animagique" theme song itself, you'd likely be left feeling the same from one of the resort's longest running, most popular and certainly most unusual stage shows.

Animagique closed on 31st January 2016 after 28,700 shows entertaining over 17 million guests. The theatre become known as Animagique Theater, with its first new production titled Mickey and the Magician.

Live stage show featuring blacklight puppetry, characters and special effects.

  • Opening Date

    16th March 2002

  • Closing Date

    31st January 2016

  • Attraction Type

    Live stage show

  • Duration

    20 minutes

  • Performances

    At least 5 daily

  • Capacity

    1,100 Guests per performance

  • Suitablility
    • Children 3-7
    • Children 8-12
    • Young Adults
    • Adults
    • Seniors


  • Live characters featured in Animagique included Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, the Pink Elephants, Baloo, King Louie and Rafiki. The Pink Elephants were each unique in appearance and can't be found at any other attractions in any other Disney parks.
  • Several months after opening, the show briefly closed to allow for a reworking that included replacing an original Pinocchio scene, featuring Monstro the whale, with the Little Mermaid musical number seen today. Also, the soundtrack was altered considerably to feature the actual, more familiar songs and lyrics from each film, rather than the special instrumental soundtrack that was specially created for the show by Vasile Sirli and Peter Lurye, although this remains in some parts. In later years, additional projections and lighting effects were added either side of the stage.
  • Blacklight puppetry and illusion originates from Asia but the shows were made popular in Europe, where they have become the specialty of Prague in the Czech Republic.
  • Animagique puppeteers undertook intense training classes to co-ordinate and synchronise their movements in complete darkness. Before the opening of the park in 2002, they even followed classes of Taï Chi to perfect their perception of space.

A computer digitally synchronised all the lighting, audio, projection and machinery effects — even the appearance of Pride Rock!


  • When your eyes adjust to the darkness, you will probably be able to pick out the silhouettes of the black-clad performers on stage. Sit a little further back, in the tiered seating, to lessen this effect and see the props move around the stage as if they're flying!
  • Photography and video taping is strictly prohibited. Flash photography in particular could be dangerous for the performers, who adjust their eyes to darkness before each show.


  • Scheduled performance times - check Information Board or Programme.
  • Fully accessible.