Disney Shopping Service

Wear out your wallet - not your arms!

This FREE service lets you shop in the morning and collect in the evening.

If you've ever stepped into The Emporium or any other store at Disneyland Paris just before closing time, you'll appreciate just how much more enjoyable it is to shop during the day. Rather than fighting your way through crowds and queueing at the tills, you can browse at your leisure and even appreciate the fantastic interior design.

But there's a downside — once you've shopped 'til you drop and picked up all those bags of gifts and souvenirs, how do you carry on enjoying the parks, riding the attractions? Step in, Disney Shopping Service.

Shopping Service explained

For no extra charge whatsoever, Cast Members at the main walk-in boutiques will happily take care of your purchases for you, leaving you completely free to enjoy the parks right up until closing time.

There's no need to return to the same boutique to collect your bags, either — Disney Shopping Service transfers them over to the Disney Store in Disney Village, at the exit of the parks, where they'll be available to pick up from 6pm onwards. Or, if you're staying at a Disney Hotel, they can even be sent to your hotel's boutique, where they'll be available to pick up from 8pm.

How to use Disney Shopping Service

Disney Shopping Service can be used up until 4pm each day at all the main park boutiques — those you can actually walk inside — but not at smaller kiosks and street displays.



Shopping earlier in the day

Browsing earlier in the day with the Shopping Service can be a great time-saver:

  • No need to leave time at the end of your day to buy souvenirs - you can ride the attractions right up to closing.
  • By shopping in the middle of the day, you avoid the paths and attraction queues when they're at their busiest - instead enjoying them when they're at their quietest as everyone else rushes to the boutiques!