Single Riders

Skip the queue to fill that empty seat.

At selected attractions, Disneyland Paris now offers an extra time-saving service for visitors riding alone: the Single Riders line. Join this special queue and you should make it on-board even sooner as you help to fill the empty single seats between groups from the regular queue.

If you're the only one brave enough for a ride, the Single Riders line can mean you're back outside — with the wind in your hair — to tell your group all about it sooner than if you had to wait in the regular queue.

But there's also nothing to say pairs or groups can't join these queues themselves, if you're not bothered about sitting next to each other or riding at the same time.

You might notice a theme to many of the Single Riders lines so far — they can mostly be found within the popular Toon Studio in Walt Disney Studios Park, on some of the resort's newest and most popular attractions (some of which perhaps weren't built with enough capacity to meet demand, so you're helping by filling that empty seat).

Attractions with a Single Riders line

Single Riders at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Park

Walt Disney Studios Park

How does it work?

Simply join the signposted Single Rider queue. Once you reach the front, you'll fill any spare single seat within a ride vehicle — you can't choose where to sit and will be separated from any friends or family.

Single Rider tips and caveats

Single Rider lines are designed to help you save time waiting, but that might not always be the case. And don't forget, if you're actually part of a group riding, you'll miss that priceless look on your friend's face at the scarier attractions.

Who can join the Single Riders line?

  • Anyone can join a Single Riders line at any time, provided it's in operation.
  • If you're riding alone, it makes sense to always join the Single Riders line. But the lines can also be used by pairs or even groups — just know that you will be placed in the next available empty single seat, you won't get to pick where you sit and you may very likely have to ride in a different vehicle or different ride cycle to your companions. But if none of you are bothered riding alone, it can be a good way to save time on these attractions.

When is it worth joining the Single Riders line?

  • Check the wait time indicator at the entrance to each attraction: it should allow you to directly compare the estimated Single Riders wait with the regular queue time.
  • In general, at any of the attractions currently offering the service, it's worth joining the Single Riders line whenever the regular wait time exceeds 30 minutes. Above this level, you can be fairly sure you'll get on-board sooner, although this might not always be the case if the Single Riders line itself is long or on the off-chance there aren't as many empty seats to fill.

How much time will I save?

  • You could save an hour, or you could only save a few minutes! It all adds up to more time to do other things in the Disney Parks — or even to ride the same attraction a second time.
  • There's also a chance you could be waiting longer, in rare cases, where perhaps fewer seats become spare as regular queuers board — judge the wait times carefully.

More ways to beat the queues

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