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Money Saving Tips

Smart tips to help you do Disney on a shoestring, saving money whilst still enjoying everything the magic has to offer.

Though the reputation Disneyland Paris for being a little expensive isn't entirely true, the costs can soon mount up over a visit if you don't watch your spending. From meals and drinks to extra treats, it's a pricey place to enjoy yourself. But this is only half the picture...

Learn the tips and tricks, take advantage of offers, perhaps invest in an annual passport — there are so many ways to still enjoy visiting Disneyland Paris once or several times a year for much less than the brochure price. Here, we've colleted together some of the best tips from frequent visitors and long-time fans.

Hotels & Tickets

Check for special offers

  • Disneyland Paris runs countless official offers and discounts throughout the year to tempt visitors. Before booking, be sure to check all the available deals on our frequently updated listing, which includes third-party partners for hotels, travel and tickets.
  • If the discounts don't suit and you're not in a hurry to book, you could always wait until the next offer period.

Always buy park tickets in advance

  • Skip the queues and the prices at the main gates. By booking tickets before you go at Disneyland Paris.com, you can take advantage of advance purchase-only offers and promotions, such as extra days free or price discounts.
  • Find more information here.

Visit outside of school holidays

  • By avoiding European school breaks and half terms, you'll most certainly get a cheaper package price. You might miss out on longer park opening times and some entertainments, but the parks will be quieter. For an idea of the different pricing seasons, check our Calendar.

Stay off-site

  • There are plenty of reasonably-priced hotels nearby the resort, many close to RER stations. If all you want is a bed for the night, budget hotel chains like Etap, Campanile, Kyriad and Citéa can allow you to visit Disneyland Paris on a budget. Use a website such as Expedia, Hotels.com or LateRooms to search for "Disneyland Paris" and find nearby room rates.

Buy an Annual Passport

  • Annual passes to the Disneyland Paris parks are arguably the most reasonably-priced of all Disney resorts. If you plan to visit for 4 or more days they're worth considering, and if visiting twice in one year, you'd be mad to overlook them. The great discounts on shopping, dining and Disney hotels could pay for the pass alone! They also make it even cheaper to stay off-property.
  • Find more information here.

Become a Shareholder

  • You can buy shares in Euro Disney SCA, the operating group behind Disneyland Paris. By joining the Shareholders Club, you'll have access to great discounts on dining, shopping, hotels and annual passports. In fact, if you plan to visit Disneyland Paris a lot, it's a good idea to become a shareholder first and then buy an annual pass, saving you a substantial amount across the years.

Consider other ticket dealers

Food & Drink

Take a few snacks with you

  • Contrary to popular belief, Disney won't "take food off you" at the entrance gates to the parks. The rule in question — requesting "no picnics" — refers only to large picnic hampers and coolbags. A few croissants or cereal bars in your backpack are a good way to save on less important meals, although the parks' sweet treats are awfully tempting...

Buy drinking water outside the gates, fill up at drinking fountains

  • Buy bottled water before entering the parks you'll save a lot of money, particularly on hot Summer days. The Relay newsagents and Géant convenience store inside the Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy train station sell large 1.5 litre bottles for prices comparable to a 500ml in the parks. Grab one for your bag and share it between you. However, it can also be a good idea to have one of those smaller 500ml bottles on hand to fill up at the drinking fountains within the parks. Again, a life and wallet-saver in the Summer.

Book Half Board Meal Plans

  • If you'd like to eat at table or buffet service restaurants each night, Half Board Meal Plans can save you money on the standard menu prices if you buy in advance. You get a voucher upon check-in which can be used at selected restaurants across the resort, including your hotel. This is also a great way to limit your daily spending by covering meals in advance. Find more information here.

Money & Shopping

Charge-free cards and spending caps

  • Some credit and debit cards add an extra charge for transactions outside your home country. Consider applying for a "free withdrawals" card to use only whilst you're away, also allowing you to keep a cap on your spending. Load it up before you go and only allow yourself a certain amount each day. Remember to still take along your regular credit or debit card for emergencies.

Shop earlier in the day, collect later

  • Buy gifts and souvenirs in the morning and afternoon, when the parks and attractions are busiest and the boutiques often empty. By avoiding the frenetic rush just before closing and that mad dash for any souvenir, you're likely to only buy things you really want — and enjoy the experience much more at the same time. Even better, you can use the free Disney Shopping Service to collect them later.

Exchange Euros before you go

  • If you're visiting from outside the Eurozone, you'll almost certainly get a better deal by exchanging your currency before you leave. Look for outlets which will exchange money commission-free.

Travel & Transport

Book Eurostar separately and as far in advance as possible

  • Prices of Eurostar train tickets rise as you get closer to their departure date, so book online as soon as possible — we recommended Voyages-sncf, the official French railways booking site. Though buying tickets combined with a Disney Hotel package can be easier (and gives you Disney Express Luggage Service for no extra charge), it may still work out cheaper to book your travel separately and then add this service as an extra to your hotel booking.

From Charles de Gaulle Airport, try TGV rather than VEA

  • The VEA shuttle bus from CDG/Roissy airport is slow and rather expensive. Did you know there's a direct TGV rail line between the airport and Disneyland Paris? The one-stop service takes just 10 minutes and can cost slightly less than the bus.
  • Go via Voyages-SNCF and find a train that matches with your landing time (leaving ample time for baggage collection and shuttle buses to the station, located near Terminal 2) for a more enjoyable, unique way to arrive.

Arrive via Gare du Nord

  • If the Eurostar prices to the resort's own station, Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy, aren't appealing, try looking up prices for Gare du Nord in the centre of Paris instead. Though the 45 minute journey out to Disneyland isn't the most enjoyable way to start or end your trip, savings can sometimes be found, particularly if you've left it late to book and the direct Disney trains are filling (or full) up.

Visiting Paris

Buy a Mobilis travel card

  • If you're only travelling around Paris for one day, buy the cheaper Mobilis travel card rather than the Paris Visite travel card which is promoted heavily to tourists. Paris Visite provides extra discounts and offers at certain attractions, but unless you plan to use these, Mobilis offers the same transport freedom at a much cheaper price.