Saturday, 13th April 2019

Phantom Manor re-opening date set for 3rd May following prolonged refurbishment

Phantom Manor Disneyland Paris re-opening date

Guess no more — the goblins and ghoulies of Phantom Manor will once again summon you to dance through the night at Melanie Ravenswood’s ill-fated wedding celebrations: from 3rd May 2019.


Monday, 30th January 2017

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain: Rebel Mission opening date set

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain: Rebel Mission Disneyland Paris opening date set

May the fourth be — almost — with you. Disneyland Paris has just set the official opening date of its Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain: Rebel Mission takeover of Space Mountain: Saturday, 6th Sunday, 7th May 2017. (more…)

Thursday, 26th January 2017

40,000 Main Street U.S.A. lightbulbs replaced with more reliable, efficient LEDs

40,000 Main Street U.S.A. lightbulbs replaced with more reliable, efficient LEDs at Disneyland Paris

Spotting blown bulbs along Main Street, U.S.A. should become a thing of a past, as Disneyland Paris completes a major upgrade of its trademark “rim lighting”. (more…)

Tuesday, 3rd January 2017

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain opening date suggested by official schedules (updated)

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain Disneyland Paris

Update: Schedules have since changed to show that Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain: Rebel Mission won’t open until 7th May 2017.

Having been announced only for a “Spring 2017” opening and with rumours suggesting late April or even May, it appears Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain could open somewhat earlier than expected in April 2017, according to the latest Disneyland Paris schedules. (more…)

Sunday, 4th December 2016

Look inside Big Thunder Mountain brought back to life – even the geysers!

Big Thunder Mountain Disneyland Paris refurbishment - Experience Enhancement Program 25th Anniversary

A series of new official photos released by Disneyland Paris offer a first look at the refurbished Big Thunder Mountain, with rare up-close angles on the painstakingly refreshed scenery and props guests will only normally hurtle past at high speed. (more…)

Saturday, 3rd December 2016

Big Thunder Mountain will soft open for public tests from 10th December

Big Thunder Mountain will soft open for public tests from Friday 9th December

The newly glowing Big Thunder Mountain will get a head start on its official 17th December 2016 re-opening date with public testing taking place from 9th 10th December, Disneyland Paris has confirmed.

Update 7/12: Disneyland Paris has directly confirmed that soft opening is actually hoped to start from Saturday, 10th December 2016. This Friday (9th) will be the date Imagineering hands over to the ride to park operations. (more…)

Friday, 2nd December 2016

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue opens 18th March 2017 at Disneyland Paris

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue - L'Aventure Continue

Confirmed — The major update and enhancement of Star Tours at Disneyland Paris now has a definite opening date, confirmed by the latest refurbishment schedules. (more…)

Wednesday, 10th June 2015

Reinvent the magic: Disneyland Paris confirms enhancement plans for 10 classic attractions

Disneyland Paris Experience Enhancement Plan

Disneyland Paris has formally revealed a four-point renovation plan to “reinvent the magic”, covering ten key attractions in both parks. In planning for several years with the codename “Project Sparkle”, the major slate of refurbishments and updates will both restore lost details and add fresh new features, aiming to bring the Disneyland Paris experience fully in line with its American counterparts. (more…)

Sunday, 21st September 2014

Earffel Tower getting new-look Walt Disney Studios logo design during refurbishment

Earffel Tower getting new-look Walt Disney Studios logo design during refurbishment

The Earffel Tower, icon of Walt Disney Studios Park, will soon have a brand new face. As part of a general (and as we seem to always say, much-needed) refurbishment of the water tower in the Front Lot entrance of the park, the opportunity is also being taken to replace the original 2002 “filmstrip” logo with a new-look design.

Based on current progress, the “new” logo appears to have more classic, maroon red-coloured lettering with a simple black outline on a plain background. Without doubt the look has the potential to be much more 1930s in style, boding well for any future changes to the entrance of the park, which lacks any definable time period setting.

In terms of its actual typeface and size, the logo is similar if not identical to before, with only the “Walt Disney” letters flattened out from their wavy design following the filmstrip in the original, which used a modern palette of blue, yellow and red. The typeface, similar to ITC Anna, remains the same as seen around the area, including lettering on Disney Studio 1.

Earffel Tower getting new-look Walt Disney Studios logo design during refurbishment
A very rough current approximation of the new logo (typeface not fully accurate)

For Walt Disney Studios Park, it’s a wise and very welcome decision to come up with a logo design unique to the very prominent Earffel Tower.

The 2002 logo was created primarily for the promotion of the park in brochures and park guides, not to provide any kind of thematic detail within the park itself. Until now, adorned with just the standard modern park logo, the famous water tower hasn’t actually felt part of a specific period or place you’re being transported to. After all, you don’t see the garish pink Disneyland Park marketing logo on the entrance to that park.

Earffel Tower getting new-look Walt Disney Studios logo design during refurbishment
Earffel Tower getting new-look Walt Disney Studios logo design during refurbishment

Over in Florida, the Earful Tower remains somewhat hidden away at the back of the park, so less important thematically, though it too had a recent rebranding with the name change from Disney-MGM Studios to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Elsewhere in the Paris park, a similar maroon colour was used to great effect on the Walt Disney Television Studios building, replacing its cold original turquoise colours.

LEAD PHOTO @InsideDLParis (Twitter)

Saturday, 14th June 2014

Crush’s Coaster introduces new entrance, improved queue and Single Rider line

Crush's Coaster © InsideDLParis

Streuth, it only took seven years after the attraction opened, this month back in 2007, but Crush’s Coaster has finally seen some major queue and entrance improvements to alleviate its problematic over-popularity. As reported previously, the main improvement is the introduction of a permanent Single Rider line, but there’s a more fitting new entrance building, too.

The whole entrance marquee has now been set back slightly, allowing more room for guest circulation in front. Designed as a wooden harbour-side shack like that you might see for a boat tour, with terracotta roof, peeling paintwork and rusted nails, the new kiosk and its improved queue lines came into use just this morning, captured by InsideDLParis.

Crush's Coaster © InsideDLParisCrush's Coaster © InsideDLParis

Thankfully, InsideDLParis also reminds us that most of this isn’t the final signage. Concept art leaked by DisneylandBerry, below, shows how the final marquee logo, electronic wait time indicators and other signs (hopefully window shutters too) will soon give this development more of the expected Disney quality.

It has no doubt been unveiled early due to the upcoming previews of Ratatouille: The Adventure beginning this week.

Crush's Coaster new entrance concept art

The original Crush’s Coaster signage, Crush figurine and spinning turtle shell all remain.

Perhaps it was planned, but it was always an oddity that the attraction had such a nondescript entrance, especially opposite the elaborate Radiator Springs façades of Cars Quatre Roues Rallye. At busy times, the narrow path was frequently blocked by guests bunching in front.

For the queue line itself, the “improvements” are modest, that is to say: disappointing.

A first phase was completed when the attraction re-opened from refurbishment in April, when the iconic blue rockwork was also repainted for the first time, basically squeezing more turnbacks and barriers into the existing space at the side of Studio 5.

Crush's Coaster © InsideDLParis

The second phase, opened today, makes permanent the barriers next to Flying Carpets Over Agrabah with steel railings and a wooden fence around the perimeter. It’s certainly far less than ideal and does nothing to address how unattractive and, ultimately, boring the queue experience is; perhaps the worst in Toon Studio.

A saviour, then, could be the new Single Rider line. Leading from the left-hand kiosk entrance, this deposits you nicely on the left-hand side of the loading platform.

It remains to be seen what impact this will have on actual loading times, as Cast Members now have to both load groups and fill gaps with the turtle shells still moving. But it could suddenly put a ride through the East Australian Current back on the agenda for many fans, visitors and “dudes”, who have long not seen it worth enduring the crushing queues.

With Finding Nemo to be followed by Finding Dory in 2016, perhaps the next task should be to finally find a cameo for a missing Pacific regal blue tang…

PHOTOS BY @InsideDLParis, CONCEPT VIA DisneylandBerry

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