X-Wing Starfighter at Star Tours: The Adventures Continue in Disneyland Paris

The Star Tours X-wing Starfighter returned to Discoveryland this week and overnight took its new landing position atop the former Star Traders building.

This photo was captured by @InsideDLParis as the sun rose on a new dawn for Star Tours: L’Aventure Continue.

Positioned at the entrance of Disneyland Paris’ original Star Wars attraction since 1992, the life-size prop was removed earlier this year and extensively modified for its new home.

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Star Tours exterior, Disneyland Paris, 2015

While it used to sit somewhat oddly atop an obvious steel beam in mid-flight above the simulator ride’s entrance, its new, more logical position sees it stationary on a landing pad, created where the building used to have a satellite antenna.

For Star Wars fans, the changes don’t just make more sense, they make it more faithful to the films, too. As well as changing the wings so that they sit in “closed” non-flight mode, the laser cannons now have the correct “magnetic flashback suppressors” fitted.

Star Tours X-wing under construction in the early 1990s
Star Tours X-wing under construction in the early 1990s

Yet, the X-wing’s original location certainly had drama. Could it be too distant from guests way up there now? The height immediately makes it seem smaller, and it seems even the earlier concept art was clearly a bit too generous with the visual impact it’ll have.

The move also leaves a large space in the corner behind the actual attraction entrance, which will receive a new pavilion-type entrance structure. Hopefully that’ll be impressive enough to fill the gap and really envelop us in a Star Wars world.

Star Tours 2: The Adventures Continue plans, Disneyland Paris, Star Wars

A new, dedicated Star Wars character meeting location will take over the former Star Traders boutique in the octagonal building under the X-wing, with the shop moving into the large, unused exit area of the attraction behind.

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Last week, Chief Operating Officer Daniel Delcourt spoke enthusiastically about this “huge”, “really impressive” new store, saying “the Disney Imagineers created something really special.”

The reworked Star Tours officially opens on 18th March 2017.

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