Friday, 2nd December 2016

First Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary park opening hours now available

Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary

The first park hours to take in Disneyland Paris’ upcoming 25th Anniversary celebrations, launching March 2017, are now available.

Full opening hours for every day of March 2017 can be found on our Calendar — on a single page, at a glance.

The 25th Anniversary officially begins on Sunday, 26th March 2017. Disneyland Park hours clearly reflect the launch of the season, extending to 9pm from this date.

Meanwhile, hours are now also available for the full three months spanning January-March of Star Wars: Season of the Force, which takes place primarily in Walt Disney Studios Park. The park sees extended hours to 8pm on most days in March, to ensure darkness for its nightly Star Wars: A Galactic Celebration projection show, but also a rare 8.30pm closing time on 25th March and 9pm on 26th March.

Sunday, 27th November 2016

7 New Disneyland Paris videos to watch now

Disney's Christmas Parade Disneyland Paris Video

There are now 7 brand new Disneyland Paris videos available to watch on our Video pages or YouTube channel. Covering Disney’s Enchanted Christmas, the Happy Birthday Mickey events and the award-winning Mickey and the Magician. If you’d like to bring a little magic into your own home, just hit play on any of these!

1. Happy Birthday Mickey Pre-Parade

2. Mickey and the Magician – Birthday Song Encore

3. Moana Character Premiere Pre-Parade

4. Disney’s Christmas Parade

5. Royal Christmas Wishes

6. Goofy Presents The Jingle Bell Band

7. Mickey and the Magician – Full Show

If you’d like to experience the rest of Disney’s Enchanted Christmas, videos are also available for Disney Dreams! of Christmas, Sleeping Beauty Castle Christmas Illumination, Mickey’s Magical Christmas Lights and Frozen Sing-along — that’s all the events now covered!

Our Video pages also feature over 130 original Disneyland Paris videos capturing attractions and events past and present — maybe there’s something new you’ve not discovered yet, or some past entertainment you’ve never discovered before?

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Friday, 4th November 2016

11 Disneyland Paris buffet restaurant menu updates add extra euros

Disneyland Paris Buffet Restaurants

It was only a week ago that DLP Guide’s Restaurant Menus section saw a major upgrade, but with the resort’s usual November pricing changes there’s already a few new updates coming through.

Disneyland Paris sent across updated menus for 11 buffet restaurants in the parks, Disney Village and Disney Hotels this morning. They’re all available now here:

Most menus add between 50 cents and a few euros to the price of a standard adult buffet, though the headline is Inventions at Disneyland Hotel which adds €6.00 to an adult buffet and €3.00 to the weekly brunch, making them hit €65 and €70 respectively.

Meanwhile, some adult buffet prices such as Agrabah Cafe have remained the same but with, for example, an extra 20 cents on a soft drink. Yep — €4.79 for a 33 cl Coca-Cola!

The price of a birthday cake has increased across the resort, too — from €27 up to €29.

Tuesday, 1st November 2016

Park Hours for the whole of February 2017 now available

Star Wars: A Galactic Celebration - Disneyland Paris Season of the Force

Prepare your lightsaber, Jedi. Now available for the whole of February 2017, Disneyland Paris park hours are.

This is when Disneyland Paris will be feeling the full force of Star Wars, with Season of the Force running throughout the month.

You can see the whole month at a glance on our Park Opening Hours calendar:

The park hours are noticeably affected by Season of the Force, specifically the new Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular nighttime projection show at Walt Disney Studios Park.

Because of the increasing daylight hours throughout the month, from 11th February the second gate will switch to an unusual 7.30pm closing time, likely the first time either park has ever closed at this time.

Meanwhile, with Disneyland Park maintaining an opening hours lead over the Studios from 4th February onwards, this will be the first time in the resort’s history that we’ll be able to see a nighttime spectacular in both parks, one after the other.

Presuming Star Wars: A Galactic Celebration is presented around park closing time at 7.30pm, at weekends it’ll then be possible to cross over the esplanade to see Disney Dreams! at 9pm. Now that feels like a true multi-park resort!

Friday, 28th October 2016

45+ New & updated Disneyland Paris restaurant menus – now with images

Disneyland Paris Restaurant Menus

Great news, hungry Disneyland Paris visitors: our Restaurant Menus pages have just received their single biggest update ever, bringing online over 45 new and updated menus — now with clear images of the actual menus themselves.

How’s that possible? Because this week Disneyland Paris flipped the switch on its own major website update, at last adding full PDF menus to the pages of almost all its Table, Buffet and Counter Service dining locations.

But this also presents a dilemma. Should we continue to provide restaurant menus here at all, if the official website is now covering them?

Since this service was added to DLP Guide over 5 years ago, it has always been one of the most popular sections — but also one of the hardest and most time-consuming to keep up-to-date.

Being able to now provide the menus without having to walk around every restaurant and take photos, then spend hours typing up and updating each one, is quite a revolution.

So let’s make the most of it — there are still things we can add to what the official website offers, after all.

Over there, you have to click through each dining location then click the not-too-obvious “View Menu” to open the PDF file. Some of these currently seem slow and stubborn to load. To access another menu you then have to go back to the full dining list and repeat. There’s also no information on individual pages about which Meal Plans are valid at the restaurants.

Disneyland Paris Restaurant Menus

Here, to offer an alternative way to browse the menus, each page now presents the menus as images which can be viewed directly on the page or expanded to full size for a better look.

Both at the top and bottom of each page, you can easily access every other menu within the same category, e.g. Table Service, as well as other “nearby” menus.

There’s also more menus here than the official website: resort locations such as Rainforest Cafe, which aren’t operated by Disney, as well as more minor locations such as Café de la Brousse which they don’t seem to be covering on the official website. A new list of “Special Menus” has also been added, currently covering the special Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve dinners.

Like the Calendar and other sections of DLP Guide, the idea is still to bring all the information together in one place and present it in the simplest and easiest to access format as possible. An update of the main Restaurant Menus listing page is planned; to make restaurant locations and meal plans clearer, for example.

But this is just the beginning. Now that such a great deal of time doesn’t have to be spent trying to collect and update these menus, that’s time which can in future be put into improving the page design itself, or improving other areas of the website, or even adding new content. Hooray! We’re only just getting ready to sparkle

Wednesday, 26th October 2016

Meal Plans guide updated with new plans, prices & restaurants on one page

Disneyland Paris Meal Plans Disney Dining

Our guide to Disneyland Paris Meal Plans has been fully updated for the latest 2017 booking season and brochure information.

Now including the new Breakfast Meal Plan, it has been completely reorganised to fit all the information and prices you need on a single page — so no need to flip between brochure and price grids, or squint at small print just to see which restaurants are actually included.

The page now has separate sections for each of the three different Meal Plans, will complete price grids for standard rooms easily available. There’s also helpful tips to navigate the new Breakfast Meal Plan and work out if it’s right for you.

From 29th March 2017, Disney Hotels and the resort’s partner hotels will no longer include breakfast as standard.

As a way to conveniently push visitors towards a Half Board or Full Board Meal Plan, both of these plans will also include breakfast from this date.

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