Thursday, 29th January 2015

NEW: Disneyland Paris Restaurant Closure Dates on one page

NEW: Disneyland Paris Restaurant Closure Dates on one page

Ever been left feeling hungry with a long trek to the next restaurant because Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost shut up shop? Decided to visit on the one day Walt’s – An American Restaurant doesn’t want your table reservations?

Now help is at hand. Introducing the latest page on our Disneyland Paris Calendar, within Closures & Refurbishments: Park Restaurants!

At a glance, on a single page, you can now see which Disney Park dining locations at Disneyland Paris are scheduled to be closed on which date.

The listing goes month by month, split into Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park, covering the next few months ahead. Supplied directly by Disneyland Paris, updates will be posted every few months.

So now you know, if you’re visiting on 2nd February, not to have your heart set on a hearty buffet at Agrabah Cafe, and to choose Au Chalet de la Marionette rather than Toad Hall Restaurant for a fast food fix in Fantasyland (try saying that with a mouthful of Bavarian hot dog).

You’ll also find a handy link to this page on each of our Restaurant Menus.

NEW: Disneyland Paris Restaurant Closure Dates on one page

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Bon appetit!

Wednesday, 21st January 2015

Park Hours & Closures: plan ahead to April 2015 at Disneyland Paris

Swing into Spring 2015 at Disneyland Paris

Cold snow may be falling but a fresh spring is not far away at Disneyland Paris. Into April 2015 you can now plan with park hours and attraction closures in one handy place thanks to our popular Calendar.

Spring entertainment will be in full swing at Disneyland Paris by the time we see 1st April, when Disneyland Park starts switching up to longer park hours – as late as 10pm on a weekday! Even Walt Disney Studios Park finally sees a few more extended 9pm closing times – a test for busier months ahead?

In terms of missing attractions, April is not a bad month at all by 2015 standards with Space Mountain: Mission 2 and Dumbo the Flying Elephant the only major attractions closed for more than a week (Space Mountain is getting a major refresh for a re-opening in July).

The latest Calendar updates include:

Why not check the latest Disneyland Paris Hotel & Ticket Deals and add some Disney colour and swing to your 2015 spring?

Thursday, 2nd October 2014

Video: Disney Imagineers introduce Ratatouille’s “crookedology” and other secrets

Video: Imagineers introduce Ratatouille's "crookedology" and other secrets

Oh, those Walt Disney Imagineers! If they’re not merging words such as “imagination” and “engineering” together, they’re coming up with brand new ones, like “crookedology”.

What’s “crookedology”, you ask? It’s the term the Imagineers and Ratatouille movie production designer Harley Jessup give to the way the Paris of the movie “looks like Paris, but everything is just slightly crooked”, lending it a familiar but whimsical quality.

This and other secrets are revealed in a brief new video from the official Disneyland Paris YouTube channel, embedded below, which goes behind-the-scenes at 1401 Flower Street, the headquarters of Walt Disney Imagineering where many of the 1,500 employees covering 140 different specialisations work their magic.

The video also gives a closer look at the large exterior model for La Place de Rémy and Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée in Rémy in Walt Disney Studios Park and it’s a welcome addition to the official YouTube channel — more like this, please!

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Wednesday, 1st October 2014

Happy Halloween! Preview a month of spooky Disneyland Paris events

Disney's Halloween Festival at Disneyland Paris

It’s Halloween-lo-ween! October 1st heralds the arrival of the Harvest season at Disneyland Paris, with Disneyland Park being taken over by everything from ghosts to pumpkinmen, and of course plenty of Disney Villains.

Get an overview of all the spooky special events taking place this month in our Halloween preview guide:

Don’t forget to visit our news and rumours blog DLP Today throughout the festival for the latest news, photos and videos — there are already 7 Disney’s Halloween Festival 2014 news stories to catch up on!

If you’ve yet to book your own villainous rampage to Marne-la-Vallée, it might not be too late — you could save up to 30% with the last minute autumn offer.

Saturday, 20th September 2014

Christmas at Disneyland Paris: December Calendar updates

Christmas at Disneyland Paris: December Calendar updates

In Disney’s calendar it’s very nearly the “most wonderful time of the year”, already! If you’ve already a Disneyland Paris trip prepared for the upcoming Disney’s Enchanted Christmas season, or you’re considering a last-minute booking to take advantage of the latest deals, it’s time to start planning the detail.

Our Disneyland Paris Calendar has all the trip planning details and times up to December 2014, including park hours and attraction closure dates — so go ahead, start getting merry now for your festive getaway!

Christmas runs at Disneyland Paris this year from 9th November to 7th January.

Further ahead, there are new Season Dates for next year’s Swing into Spring, Extra Magic Hours through to 2015 a fully updated Hotel & Pool Closures listing.

And if you haven’t made your Christmas trip a reality yet, check this month’s hot UK Disneyland Paris Deals now — you might just find an offer and a price to make it happen after all. Did we mention there’s going to be a Frozen meet ‘n’ greet?!

Monday, 28th July 2014

October 2014 hours & closures reveal another Captain EO return

Halloween at Disneyland Paris, October 2014

The DLP Guide Calendar now has the latest Disneyland Paris park opening hours and attraction closures for October 2014, in its usual easy-to-use format.

Amongst the information, the revelation that Captain EO will return (again!) from its “seasonal” closure for an opening on most days during the Halloween month. Only the first Wednesday (1st) and the following two Mondays-to-Wednesdays (6th to 8th, 13th to 15th) are excluded, so if you want “one last chance” the experience the classic sci-fi Michael Jackson 3-D theatre show, this is it (again!).

The attraction had been thought by most to have seen its last days in Paris, with all rumours pointing to the Discoveryland space being used for a Star Tours/Wars expansion in future years. This seasonal re-opening at least provides Disneyland Park with one more covered attraction for the colder and wetter time of year.

Other October closures are largely as normal for the month, while park hours are practically identical to those of last year.

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