The new 15th Anniversary banners lining Main Street, illuminated the entire day, began to glow and sparkle brighter as the day turned to night. Whilst park closing was scheduled for 8pm, guests were invited to stay behind to enjoy the anniversary launch night – albeit shunted back to the corner of Gibson Girl and Casey’s Corner, to ensure the press in front had (more than enough) room to breathe.

Whilst a little choatic crowd management and a tension and anticipation for the launch filled the half-hour wait, the castle suddenly began to glow in its anniversary colours, as the giant “15” plaque sparkled with golden fibre optics before fading to black. The same voice from the day’s earlier ceremonies, that of the mayor of Main Street, then introduced, with great power “We are proud, and honoured to have with us tonight a very special guest. Please, give a warm welcome, to mr. Daniel Powter!”

Daniel Powter then appeared on the 15th Anniversary stage of Central Plaza, in front of a Sleeping Beauty Castle filled with various colours and projections, seated at a huge, sleek white piano installed just a few hours prior. He began by whispering “Bonsoir!” before launching into his hit song “Bad Day”.

Daniel then announced “I was asked to write a song for all the Disney parks around the world. And so, I’m proud to present, the Paris premiere of ‘The World You’ve Dreamed of Lately’. The castle colours changed to a warmer pink tone and the resort’s crane camera swooped swung around above the stage, as the night was filled with dreamy, reflective live music to celebrate fifteen years of magic.

Our own exclusive video below also includes a few clips preceding the start of the night’s events, showing the atmosphere and lights on Main Street USA as daylight faded and anticipation climbed…

Fans of Daniel, or indeed of Disney Parks around the world, may notice the familiar piano – and the familiar events which unfolded. The Canadian-born singer appears to almost be on a world tour of Disney Parks, this being his second performance after a Christmas performance at Disneyland Resort in California for the traditional Walt Disney World Christmas TV special. A press release from the time said:

“[…] The Walt Disney Company was looking for an artist and a song to capture the emotional connection that people have when they think of Disney Parks. Having fallen in love with Daniel’s songs and their simplicity, vocal styling and irresistible soaring melodic hooks, they were sure that he was their man. Daniel was thrilled with the opportunity, and after a few meetings with Disney, he penned the song ‘The World You’ve Dreamed of Lately’. He performed it live for the first time on ABC’s Christmas special The Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade.”

An alternate version of the song appears to be on public release entitled “Love You Lately”.

Photos 3-4 by Photos Magiques.

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