Thursday, 31st May 2012

New HD Video: Disney Dreams! opening night from a new angle

New HD Video: Disney Dreams! opening night from a new angle

Can you believe it, Disney Dreams! is almost two months old already! The thrilling new nighttime spectacular has taken Disneyland Paris by storm, giving the resort one of its highest ever “guest satisfaction” scores for a single attraction and redefining the experience of a day at the park. To celebrate, we have a fourth and — for now — final full HD video of the show available to watch:

This is the second performance from opening night at 10.30pm on 1st April, filmed from further back than our previous videos, at the end of Main Street. From here, the show feels even bigger and you get a fantastic “wide angle” view of all the projections and effects.

Along with our World Premiere and Opening Night (Front Row) videos of the show, this now means have the whole first three full performances of the show recorded and available to watch online for all time. You can watch the 12th April 2012 performance, too.

For an inside look at the making of the show, our exclusive 48-minute video of the Steve Davison Q&A session reveals some fascinating details behind the design, production and testing — well worth watching to appreciate even more this incredible nightly journey to the Second Star to the Right — and beyond.

Thursday, 17th May 2012

Four years later, @DLRPMagic hits the 4,000 milestone on Twitter!

First @DLRPMagic tweet

“Welcome to the DLRP twitter page!” we said on 9th May 2008, way before it became fashionable. Almost exactly four years later, we’re celebrating an amazing milestone of 4,000 followers for our main @DLRPMagic Twitter account.

If you’re one of those four thousand, thank you! There’s always an element of trust when you click “follow” and allow a new account into your timeline, so hopefully you’ve been glad you did so. If you’ve yet to follow us, you can do so in a single click using the buttons here:

After posting just 11 updates that first year, we really took to the service in January 2009 and throughout that next year as it reached wider public recognition. Today, for those who use it, it’s hard to think of the internet without it. Our climb up the follow count hasn’t been overnight, then, but a slow and steady confirmation that hard work really does pay off.

A separate account was later launched for @DLRPToday, which crossed the 3,000 mark earlier this year, focusing entirely on news and rumours from the resort. Though @DLRPMagic continues to retweet DLRP Today news articles specifically, the two are complimentary, so make sure you follow both!

There’s also the @Souvenirland account for our own Disneyland Paris history website Euro Souvenirland (soon to launch a brand new Blog of its own), and further accounts for our partner sites @magicforum, @PhotosMagiques and @WDSfans, if you’d like the full suite of Disneyland Paris updates.

And finally, for an “insider” view of the magic, you can’t beat @CineMageorge.

Friday, 11th May 2012

Park Hours to end June; Closures & Refurbishments for July 2012

We’ve got a double Disneyland Paris Calendar update for you today that has most likely been eagerly awaited by those planning summer trips to the magic.

First up, our Monthly Park Hours pages have now been updated with the latest park opening times up to the end of June 2012. And, as we predicted, it’s a clean sweep of 11pm closing times for Disneyland Park. You have to give Disneyland Paris credit for this: after years of the park not giving guests the full “Magic Kingdom” experience, they haven’t cautiously edged toward later hours but jumped right in, with Disney Dreams! providing the draw. On weekdays, giving a full 2 to 4 hours longer in the park. Incredible.

Meanwhile, we’ve also got the first Closures & Refurbishments for July — a grand total of three. That includes a fairly lengthy refurbishment for Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril and, unfortunately, the prolonged closure of River Rogue Keelboats. At the moment, Captain EO is also simply marked as “closed”, giving little hope of that rumoured temporary re-(re-?)opening for the busy summer season.

If you’re headed to Disneyland Paris soon, enjoy the 20th Anniversary summer!

Tuesday, 8th May 2012

Our Disney Dreams! HD video celebrates 50,000 views!

Our Disney Dreams! HD video celebrates 50,000 views

Thank you! You came and dreamed a dream with us, now our HD video of the Disney Dreams! World Premiere has just become both the most watched video of the show on YouTube and officially the first to celebrate a staggering 50,000 views!

It’s funny to think that as I stood there, on that cold night of 31st March, with the new camera bought especially for the occasion, ready to press “record”, over 50,000 other people would soon end up seeing the same view of this spectacular new show’s grand premiere. Hopefully you enjoyed it just as much as we did. And if you haven’t enjoyed or planned a trip to see the show for yourself, let’s just say one thing: our video may now be “50,000 views” good, but nothing beats seeing the show with your own eyes.

Don’t miss our second video of the show, either: Disney Dreams! Opening Night (Front Row) gives you the livelier atmosphere of the first performance on 1st April 2012, filmed up-close from the front row, where the fountains and effects really tower overhead.

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Monday, 7th May 2012

FIFTEEN more updated Restaurant Menus, from Auberge to Victoria’s

Disneyland Paris Restaurant Menus

Here are no less than FIFTEEN more fully-updated Disneyland Paris Restaurant Menus. Added to our original five, plus the following ten last Sunday and a further ten on Thursday, that now gives us a grand total of FORTY menus updated for 2012!

The latest list below covers much-requested favourites such as Auberge de Cendrillon, Café Mickey and California Grill, along with extensive menu updates for some of the most popular counter service restaurants.

There are still around fifteen more menus to be updated, so hold in there if your chosen dining location has yet to be refreshed for this season!

Thursday, 3rd May 2012

Now 25 fully updated Restaurant Menus – check the latest ten here!

Disneyland Paris Restaurant Menus

Our mega Disneyland Paris Restaurant Menus update rolls ahead with a further TEN restaurants added to the list of those menus fully refreshed for 2012, giving us a total of twenty-five updated dining guides.

You can find a list of the first five updated menus here and a further ten here. The latest list includes two of the most popular and requested locations, Walt’s and Annette’s:

We’re now almost half way there! Follow us on Twitter for further updates as and when each new menu is posted (along with lots of other Disneyland Paris magic).

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