Disney Dreams!

It's the same as having wings!

Follow the Second Star to the Right and see the greatest Disney stories ever told brought to life in an epic spectacular, immersing Sleeping Beauty Castle — and you! — in the colours and awe-inspiring magic of an all-new grand finale to your day.

You've seen electrical parades, you've seen fireworks, but you've never seen anything quite like this at Disneyland Paris. With the launch of the 20th Anniversary, the culmination of your day in the park will be just that: a dazzling, show-stopping ending combining fountains, fireworks, projections, lasers, fire, "never before seen" special effects, an all-new musical score and, most importantly: an epic story, all about the power of dreams.

Disney Dreams!

In the vein of the legendary Fantasmic! and more recent World of Color, Disney Dreams! will be a true nighttime spectacular, a "kiss goodbye" to end every day — yes, every single day this year — on a high. Produced by Steve Davison, reknowned for those two very same earlier hits, the creation of the show is overflowing with talent, ranging from the technical experts of Imagineering to the animation masters of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Since 1992, the grand farewell provided by firework shows has been limited to seasonal events and summer months only. With Disney Dreams! designed from the ground up specifically for this park, its nightly performances will take place year-round and will even lead to longer opening hours for the park — so-called "20th Anniversary Extended Hours". Now, guests will not only see the spectacle of Main Street illuminated by night, they'll see a world-exclusive spectacular that proves, after twenty years, Disneyland Paris has come of age. All it took was faith, trust... and pixie dust.

Landmark evening event to end each day in the park, bringing to life classic Disney stories with spectacular, immersive, state-of-the-art special effects.

  • Opening Date

    1st April 2012

  • Event Type

    Nighttime Spectacular

  • Duration

    Around 20 minutes

  • Performances

    Once daily, every single evening from 1st April

  • Suitablility
    • Children 3-7
    • Children 8-12
    • Young Adults
    • Adults
    • Seniors


  • Recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London, the original score for Disney Dreams! was overseen by Steve Davison, who described it in a teaser to fans as "beyond epic"!
  • Water fountains situated in the moat of Sleeping Beauty Castle are one of the stand-out features of Disney Dreams!, used both as illuminated columns of light, adding drama to various scenes, and for two vast "water screens" as a canvas for the show's characters and story.
  • Pixel-accurate high definition video has been mapped onto every single one of the turrets and towers on Sleeping Beauty Castle, allowing it to metamorphosize into a variety of different forms and scenes for the Disney Dreams! on show. Thanks to banks of high-powered projectors littered around Central Plaza and state-of-the-art media servers known as "Hippotizers", capable of synchronising a vast patchwork of separate video projections, the castle won't be merely a canvas; it'll come to life in a way never seen before.
  • Disney Dreams! is the culmination of many years of technological advances by Disney in the field of nighttime spectaculars. Classic elements of shows such as Fantasmic! (California, Florida) are combined with 21st Century special effects such as the water fountains and fire of World of Color (California) and Fantasmic! (Tokyo). While Disneyland Paris notably featured projection effects with its 2005-launched Wishes firework show, the high definition tricks seen here were first tested with two projection shows titled The Magic, The Memories and You!, using Cinderella Castle in Florida and the façade of "it's a small world" in California.

Disney Dreams! reportedly features fountains shooting higher than Sleeping Beauty Castle itself — that's more than 46 metres into the air!


  • Large-scale works have been underway on Central Plaza to remove the former stage in the middle of the park and open up sightlines, allowing the maximum number of people to have the best possible view of the show.
  • Fly back here after the show launches for more tips and useful information!