Main Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland Park, Disneyland Paris

Always been planning to tick a Guided Tour off your Disneyland Paris bucket list? You’ll now need to stump up twice as much cash as just a few weeks ago.

The prices of both the two hour Disneyland Park Tour and the 1.5 hour Walt Disney Studios Park Tour have now doubled, from €25 for adults to a hefty €50. For children aged 3 to 11, the price goes from €15 to €30.

For these new kinds of prices, the actual experience of the tour should have to feel pretty special indeed. For Disneyland Park and the level of detail and history to be introduced there, the new price could almost be justified.

€25 was quite a bargain and priced a bit too low, but doubling it overnight only feels like a cash-grab. Not to mention that a highlight of the tour, the chance to see a Star Tours Starspeeder simulator working from outside, obviously can’t be included during the ride’s current rebuild.

Meanwhile for a shorter tour, through the far less rich environments of Walt Disney Studios Park, the new price is completely unappetising.

Even more surprising, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Tour, which guides you around the hidden details and inner workings of the attraction, also jumped from €25 to €40 for adults — for just one attraction.

By contrast, Walt Disney World offers a Disney’s Keys to the Kingdom Tour costing $99, but this tour lasts 5 hours, includes lunch, an “exclusive keepsake” and extensive backstage access. A “Holiday Time at the Disneyland Resort” Guided Tour meanwhile costs $85 for a 2.5 hour walking tour, collectible pin, reserved parade seating and “delicious treats”.

Perhaps, if Disneyland Paris wants to price-up its Guided Tours for a better profit margin, it should look at pricing them up even just a little more and radically improving the experience, to offer a longer tour, dining included or more added value like this.

  • Find more details and how to book on our Guided Tours page.

If you’ve never done a Guided Tour, would you be happy to pay the new prices? And if you have, what are the chances of a repeat booking now?

Thanks to CafeFantasia for spotting the update.

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