25th Anniversary deconstructed: Disney Stars on Parade

Is this the merging of Disney’s Stars ‘n’ Cars with Disney Magic on Parade that we’ve been waiting for? Has Disney officially run out of parade titles? Theories abound about perhaps the blandest parade title in history.

Keeping it simple for an international audience might be a good one, something that applies to “Disney Illuminations” too. It’s notable that even the French press release used this English title, so no “La Magie Disney en Parade!” dual identity here?

Much more important, of course, is the parade itself. We’ve known since December last year that reknowned designer Jody Daily is “designing” the parade. For an idea of this exciting creative style, Daily’s previous work includes Tokyo’s “Happiness is Here” Parade and Mickey’s Soundsational Parade in California.

Mickey's Soundsational Parade, California

Mickey’s Soundsational Parade, California and “Happiness is Here” Parade, Tokyo — can we expect a similar style for Disney Stars on Parade?

Creator of Paris’ own Disney Dreams! and Vice President of Parades and Spectaculars, Steve Davison is naturally said to be closely involved, too.

The spectacular steampunk-inspired Maleficent dragon from Davison’s Festival of Fantasy Parade was rumoured to receive a twin for this new Disneyland Paris parade — the picture released yesterday of that same dragon seems to confirm it.

Disney Stars on Parade, Festival of Fantasy Maleficent dragon float
Disney Stars on Parade, Festival of Fantasy Maleficent dragon float
Disney Stars on Parade, Festival of Fantasy Maleficent dragon float

Maleficent dragon float at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida

On its own, that’s actually seriously exciting news. Yes, it’s an “unoriginal” float, but it just happens to be arguably the best Disney parade float of modern times. It’s only common sense to replicate it. But at the same time, the lack of information or visuals for the rest of the unique parade could make the whole thing feel so far like a lazy copy, even though it’ll be far from it.

Reports already suggest the parade will have seven new floats, referencing Peter Pan, Frozen, Toy Story, Finding Nemo and more.

It’s ten years since Disneyland Park received the wholly new Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade, which was then rehashed into the weaker Disney Magic on Parade! five years later, replacing the delightful individual soundtracks of each float with a single, brash theme song on repeat. With new sound systems being installed the length of the parade route, will Disney Stars on Parade see some musical improvement again?

The lack of any of that behind-the-scenes creative information in the press release itself, or any artwork unique to Paris, does a disservice to what will surely be an incredibly exciting and interesting addition. With that creative team on board, Disney Stars on Parade could well turn out to be THE star attraction of the 25th Anniversary.

Between the floats, music and costumes, the upside of this unimpressive reveal means there’s still plenty left to discover — it’ll be an interesting winter ahead as we learn more, so let’s hope Disneyland Paris continue to tease this one.

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