25 Updated Disneyland Paris Restaurant Menus + 25th Anniversary Specials

Burgers, apple crumble, doughnuts, cookies, pizza and more… the restaurants of Disneyland Paris have gone all-in with 25th Anniversary-themed menus for 2017. And conveniently, here are exactly 25 updated for the new season.

These updated menus, mostly covering Counter Service and Quick Service locations, don’t seem to see many major changes to the food offering at any location. But there are 25th Anniversary desserts aplenty and even star-shaped mains with the pizzas at Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost and Pizzeria Bella Notte changing shape for the festivities.

You’ll also find star-shaped doughnuts and cookies, and a few special anniversary menus such as those at Café Hyperion and Restaurant En Coulisse, with the “25” logo crisped into the very tasty Charolais beef burger with rocket.

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25 Updated Disneyland Paris Restaurant Menus + 25th Anniversary Specials

25th Anniversary Specials

Your best place to find the special 25th Anniversary desserts are the Counter Service locations on the right-hand side of Main Street, U.S.A. — specifically Market House Deli and Cookie Kitchen (Cable Car Bake Shop).

But you can also find a few of the items, such as the blue and white star-decorated doughnut, on fast food Counter Service menus elsewhere in the parks.

Mickey’s got some cheek

One menu where we might have expected major change is Café Mickey — not so. The restaurant has unabashedly re-opened without its trademark Disney Character appearances — and pretty much the same prices.

For €36.99, you can choose a starter, main course and dessert from a limited set menu, versus €35.99 for a starter and main course (and Disney Character appearances) previously. Dishes are skewed much more Italian, with the likes of “Fantasia Mushrooms” dropped for more choice and a selection of five pizzas.

But what draw Disneyland Paris think there is from the now-tired, bland interior décor to dine here above anywhere else (especially Vapiano for Italian pasta and pizza) is hard to comprehend. Spend your money elsewhere and force them to redevelop the space into a proper new concept.

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