Star Wars: A Galactic Celebration - Disneyland Paris Season of the Force

Prepare your lightsaber, Jedi. Now available for the whole of February 2017, Disneyland Paris park hours are.

This is when Disneyland Paris will be feeling the full force of Star Wars, with Season of the Force running throughout the month.

You can see the whole month at a glance on our Park Opening Hours calendar:

The park hours are noticeably affected by Season of the Force, specifically the new Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular nighttime projection show at Walt Disney Studios Park.

Because of the increasing daylight hours throughout the month, from 11th February the second gate will switch to an unusual 7.30pm closing time, likely the first time either park has ever closed at this time.

Meanwhile, with Disneyland Park maintaining an opening hours lead over the Studios from 4th February onwards, this will be the first time in the resort’s history that we’ll be able to see a nighttime spectacular in both parks, one after the other.

Presuming Star Wars: A Galactic Celebration is presented around park closing time at 7.30pm, at weekends it’ll then be possible to cross over the esplanade to see Disney Dreams! at 9pm. Now that feels like a true multi-park resort!

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