Disney's Christmas Parade at Disneyland Paris

Disney’s Christmas Parade will grow again this year with the addition of not one but two brand new parade floats, with a cast of characters definitely diverting from the “same old”.

Names and characters of the two new floats were confirmed today in a press release for the upcoming Christmas season at Disneyland Paris.

The Toy Factory (l’Usine à Jouets) will feature the Three Little Pigs, stars of the classic 1933 Silly Symphony short film which created one of Disney’s first popular music hits.

Though a very rare sight out and about in the park, the trio are actually familiar with the seasonal parade route thanks to a starring role in Mickey’s Halloween Celebration parade.

Three Little Pigs in Disney's Christmas Parade at Disneyland Paris

For Christmas, they’ll sport new seasonal costumes, the design of which was recently revealed in an image in the resort’s “Envie de +” Annual Passport magazine.

Meanwhile, Fun in the Snow (Les Joies de la Neige) will star Max Goof and Pluto in a wintry white landscape featuring snow men and Pluto’s kennel amongst its mounds of snow.

The permanent addition of Goofy’s son Max will be a real delight for fans who grew up with Disney in the 1990s, when the Goof Troop TV series and A Goofy Movie were popular hits, earning him almost cult status as a character since.

Max Goof in Disney's Christmas Parade at Disneyland Paris

He’s only very rarely seen at Disneyland Paris nowadays, though did have a brief spot atop a reindeer for the 2014 version of this same parade. In the earliest “Euro Disneyland” parades, he’d be a common sight alongside his Disney TV friends such as the Gummi Bears.

This wide variety of character choices and consistently good creative work have made the park’s two main seasonal parades into real fan favourites.

Originally a minor cavalcade, spawned from floats which only used to follow at the end of the regular daily parade, it’s clear that Disney’s Christmas Parade has now become a fully-fledged parade in its own right.

The 2016 edition will feature over 80 performers and around 20 Disney characters.

It runs twice daily throughout Disney’s Enchanted Christmas, from 11th November 2016 to 8th January 2017.

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