Traditionally, Disneyland Resort Paris has sought to make its entertainment productions as independent from language as possible, with stories kept very visual and a sometimes baffling compromise between speech in French or English.

In 2004, The Legend of the Lion King broke the trend by having separate English and French shows. Last year, Stitch Live! followed Simba with separate shows. And now, as we’ve been expecting, Playhouse Disney – Live on Stage! will use the same idea… but with a difference.

Playhouse Disney - Live on Stage!

As announced by creative director Kat de Blois in her Media Magic Interview on DLRP Today, the new puppet stage show will be performed in French, English AND Spanish. This would make it the first ever entertainment production at the resort to be presented “en Español”.

Kat de Blois revealed: “It’s show that comes from the US, yet here, we’re going to present it in three languages, for the first time in the world: English, French and Spanish according to the audience.” The main European markets of the Playhouse Disney channel itself are UK & Ireland, France and Spain, so this decision certainly makes sense — especially since the audience will be much younger and less able to understand different languages than for other shows.

You might remember though that, during the opening phase of Stitch Live!, there were reports that the “ticket booth” Cast Member shelter features a button alongside “Français” and “English” reading “Español”, suggesting its electronic signs had been built ready for a third language. However, no Spanish shows have ever been presented at the attraction, despite guest numbers from the country continuing to rise massively — if you’ve been a long-time visitor to the resort, you’ll certainly have noticed much more “Español” around the parks in the past two years.

Now, it appears Playhouse Disney – Live on Stage! will be the first to truly acknowledge the Mouse’s newfound fans with their own translated performance.

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Our thanks to Google translator for the (possibly incorrect) headline.

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