You’ve adored the film, fallen in love with Giselle, bought the DVD and played it ’til your neighbours wish you’d be thrown into a well. But did you also read the rumours?

Wishes, the Summer fireworks show at Disneyland Park for the past three years, has had its day. The projection, laser and firework “story in the sky” will not be returning for the 2008 season. Instead, as the whispers have been suggesting for many weeks, an even more Enchanted theme is to take its place.

Finally, we have confirmation! From two sources, no less. First, an official French press release about the Summer season:

“Chaque aprés-midi, alors que les rèves d’imagination, de joie, d’amitié, etc. sont mis en scène dans la Parade des Rèves Disney, le rève d’amour s’exprime, à la nuit tombée dans le parc Disneyland, par le tout dernier spectacle pyrotechnique, Les Feux Enchantés. Cette véritable ode aux grandes histoires d’amour fera vibrer les visiteurs au rythme de la musique du film Il était une fois.”

This excerpt suggests an “ode to great love stories”, “set to the music of Enchanted.

Secondly and more publicly, an email advertisement sent out to everyone on Disneyland Resort Paris’ UK mailing list has confirmed the show direct to guests:


That’s how we know.

The Enchanted Fireworks — or ‘Les Feux Enchantées’ — will be presented every night over Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant in Disneyland Park, from 5th July to 31st August 2008.

What should we expect?

Big, explosive shells are again out of the question — the huge cost for the resort and noise pollution for local towns is too prohibitive for an event running almost an entire two months. The clever laser and projection effects of Wishes are also not confirmed to be a part of the show. Given the spectacular projection show created just for one night with the opening of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, however, it wouldn’t be too naive to expect those wizards to work at least a little of their magic here.

The music has long been rumoured to be the ‘Enchanted Suite’ from the official soundtrack album. The opening and finale of this track are certainly perfect for fireworks, but a long stretch in the middle — where slower songs such as ‘So Close’ are featured — would likely not lend itself very well at all.


The length of the entire track, at just 4 minutes 35 seconds, is also far shorter than the 9 minutes of Wishes. Should we assume the ‘Enchanted Suite’ will be the basis of the show, but with additions from other parts of the soundtrack?

It is expected the show will be similar and style and size to the popular Tinkerbell’s Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks (1998-2004), which featured the jolly, bouncy songs of Disney’s Peter Pan set to simple, colourful and lively fireworks. This show lasted 6 minutes 50 seconds. In contrast, the slower, story-driven Wishes, though never unpopular with guests, as some fans might suggest, did often fail to make such an instant connection to the audience.

With those brilliant Oscar-nominated songs by Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz such as ‘That’s How You Know‘ and ‘Happy Working Song’ to build upon, The Enchanted Fireworks will likely be more of a “Tink’s” than a “Wishes”, and rather enchanting too.

We’ll know for sure on 5th July.

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