We loved the entrance logo, we loved the signage, we loved the real-wooden extensions to the existing Critter Corral buildings. But, we knew they must be planning more for Woody’s Roundup Village, the first dedicated character animation area in Disneyland Park

Good news — the roundup isn’t complete yet! Woody’s lasso has been thrown out to cover more of the development, elaborating his presence and the new 1950s cowboy TV show theme much more with a brand new display in one of the old animal shelters.

01-woodysroundup-01sm.jpg 01-woodysroundup-02sm.jpg

With straw spread across the floor and memorabilia from the Woody’s Roundup TV series covering the walls, this corner is now home to Bullseye — explaining his absence from the scheduled character meet ‘n’ greets. The stable is due to become a dedicated photolocation for younger children at some point in the near future, letting kids climb up onto Bullseye himself for a photo against the merchandise and disused scenery of the TV puppet show.

01-woodysroundup-03sm.jpg 01-woodysroundup-04sm.jpg

Many of the 2D decorations are recognisable from Al’s apartment in the film Toy Story 2, such as the large cardboard cut-out of Woody advertising Cowboy Crunchies cereal, decorative plates featuring the Roundup Gang, countless vinyl record covers and Woody’s own “Time” magazine frontcover. The 1950s-styled memorabilia will likely stir memories not just for fans of the film, also with those older visitors who grew up with Western advertures, such as The Lone Ranger, filling their black and white TV screens.


The decorations even continue outside of the stable, with old-fashioned American advertisements for Woody-themed products covering the wooden panels at the front of the shelter.

With the Father Christmas Village due to take over the area in just over 8 days, one has to wonder what place this new, elaborated Woody’s Roundup theme will find amongst the Christmas trees and reindeer…

All photos by Photos Magiques.

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