Imagine if we’d have been told a year ago that Rendez-Vous des Stars Restaurant would relaunch with a buffet themed to rats — complete with themed costumes, new posters, plush toy decorations and descriptions of each dish with a picture of the key rat himself!

Well, that Pixar magic can do funny things to the public. Now, the unexpected addition of a light Ratatouille flavour to the park’s first all-you-can-eat buffet seems like a wonderful idea — not least considering the film’s huge success in France.

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The changes took place literally overnight, with all the previous cafeteria menus being covered with Ratatouille-themed advertisements for the new buffet and various views from inside the kitchen of Gusteau’s, the restaurant featured in the film.

For the launch of the new buffet, Cast Members were given costumes a little similar to those seen at the Disneyland California pre-parade and the Ratatouille Big Cheese Tour, both promotional events in the US. It’s unknown whether this new buffet is part of a deal with Buena Vista International, Disney’s film distrubution arm, similar to the Cars and Ratatouille billboards and posters covering Disney Studio 1.

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Ratatouille is due for release in the UK (and several other European countries treated with slow service) in October, and is already being given a big marketing push by Rémy’s more mousy rodent friends.

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