They’re the first defining features of this particular row of façades surrounding the Tower of Terror. Whilst the park was previously known by most for its collection of mostly featureless soundstages, Hollywood Boulevard looks set to add a real variety of styles and icons to the park’s landscape – and to its skyline…

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The first rooftop, on the right, is for the building known as the entrance of Off the Page boutique in Disney’s California Adventure, a half-diamond pointed tower which looks exactly like that of the original. Clearly still unfinished, the rooftop has yet to be given its spike or yellow plasterwork below, but there’s no mistaking the inspiration for this set anymore.

Its function in Walt Disney Studios Park will apparently be as the new entrance to La Terrasse, with reports confirming that final concept art for the street features such new detail as a vertical “La Terrasse” sign down the front of this tower. The arched walkway through the middle will then be a direct route to the revitalised foodcourt behind.

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The second rooftop draws clearly from the Tower of Terror itself and its three domes. However, with a pointed top (complete with customary Disney lightning rod) and rusted red colour, this dome also has its own Hollywood style. Interestingly, the building on which this new “bookend” of the row seems to be based, the middle section of this Disney-MGM Studios Hollywood Boulevard building, doesn’t have a dome at all!

Whilst most of these two end buildings are now wrapped in drywall, more visible progress has also been made on the steel frames of the remaining buildings on this row, including thinner and more accurate pieces added to the increasingly dense frameworks.

The top of another building on the boulevard, the First National Bank, can also be seen in background of these photos. The first metal frames for the two tallest façades at the rear of the street were erected at the end of June. We’ll have more photos and updates from the construction when the Photos Magiques team return from 2007’s Summer launch weekend!

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Latest photos by Ptitmath (Disney Central Plaza) and (more at source).

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