The trailer follows the same format as the teaser which was released to the press back in October 2006 (and is currently featured on the resort TV channel), with preview footage of the new additions and features split into several categories. From “More Dreams” through “More Wow” to “More Hugs” and, finally, “More Affordable”, the events of the first six months of celebrations are shown in a spectacular, exciting teaser, with the red carpet interacting with the footage and the website itself…

The overall theme of the first wave of publicity will be of rolling out the red carpet, and the teaser therefore features the carpet bursting onto the screen in a cloud of confetti and stars, proclaiming “The Party is NOW!”. The final shot of the teaser doesn’t disappoint either, showing the red carpet now rolling all the way down a nighttime Main Street towards the Castle past the series of characters holding candles, where Tinkerbell guides us into the air to reveal the final logo.

Once the teaser has finished, the screen displays a link to the online booking facility, along with several links along the sleek interface at the bottom of the video, one of which links to a separate page detailing the events more fully and featuring a brand new visual showing all the Disney characters (and a strong presence from Pixar) lined up along the carpet with a huge burst of multicoloured confetti in the air.

Email Newsletter / Preview Page

Whilst this separate preview page basically runs through everything already featured in the Official 15th Anniversary Brochure, the final image should be particularly exciting for fans – this is the first still image of the forthcoming television advertising campaign, which features a girl running up the red carpet along Main Street towards Mickey Mouse himself at the end.

A launch date for the full anniversary website has yet to be announced, but with the wider campaign due to begin in the first weeks of March, the site should follow or lead nearby, therefore giving this teaser half a month to spread the word about “More Dreams”, with certainly “More WOW” than we’ve ever seen before…

You can see the website and the teaser trailer for yourself here:

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