When the first construction walls arrived on the future site of the park’s new Hollywood Boulevard almost two weeks ago, they covered barely half of the walkway between Disney Bros. Plaza and Studio Tram Tour. Reports suggested the schedule called for work mainly around Studio Tram Tour until May, when the entire street would be blocked for full-scale construction. The entrance of the “Behind-the-Magic” studio tour itself was moved to the old Fastpass canopy, and everything seemed ready to go.

Next, we heard work was postponed until the very end of January. Now, we’ve got more construction fences than have perhaps ever been seen before – including those still at Toon Studio and the Animation Courtyard entrance.

The fences are now cleverly covering every section of the areas where Hollywood-themed sets and façades are reported to spring up, from the future location of “Gone Hollywood” next to Art of Disney Animation to the Hollywood Hills backdrop in front of the Studio Tram Tour station itself.

Work has now begun on removing trees in the area, specifically those on the La Terrasse side, keeping the roots intact so that they can be used elsewhere on the resort. Behind the fences on the Art of Disney Animation side, little has changed so far.

Meanwhile, guests can finally enjoy a cosier, more interesting walk around the Studios, surrounded by specially re-painted walls featuring customised signs pointing to the hidden attractions. Sure, they’re construction fences, but it’s already more exciting than empty tarmac, right?

All photos by Photos Magiques. You can see more here.

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