Disneyland Railroad Main Street Station Horse-Drawn Streetcars Main Street Vehicles Liberty Arcade Discovery Arcade Dapper Dan's Hair Cuts Walt's - An American Restaurant Plaza Gardens Restaurant Casey's Corner Market House Deli Victoria's Home-Style Restaurant Cable Car Bake Shop The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour Cookie Kitchen The Coffee Grinder The Ice Cream Company Main Street Deliveries The Emporium New Century Notions - Flora's Unique Boutique Boardwalk Candy Palace Disney Clothiers, Ltd. Main Street Motors Lilly's Boutique Disney & Co. Harrington's Fine China & Porcelains Disneyana Collectibles The Storybook Store Bixby Babies Plaza East Boutique Plaza West Boutique Glass Fantasies Pin Trading Cart


  • Boutiques

  • L The Emporium
  • M New Century Notions - Flora's Boutique
  • N Boardwalk Candy Palace
  • O Disney Clothiers, Ltd.
  • P Main Street Motors
  • Q Lilly's Boutique
  • R Disney & Co.
  • S Harrington's Fine China & Porcelains
  • T Disneyana Collectibles
  • U The Storybook Store
  • V Bixby Babies
  • W Plaza East " West Boutiques
  • Kiosks

  • X Glass Fantasies
  • Y Pin Trading Cart
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