Disneyland Paris Park Opening Hours

What a Dream this year is turning out to be. We’ve already seen the previously unheard-of appearance of 11pm closing times in April, and now it looks like that extended hour is going to be norm from Thursday, 24th May right through to the end of summer.

Hours for Disneyland Park remain fixed at that hour for the final week of May and the first half of June. Since evenings will be at their lightest here (important due to the new nighttime spectacular), and the park normally opens until 11pm anyway in July, we’d say it’s very likely these hours will now stick right through summer.

Once again, that’s an incredible step-change in the annual calendar of the resort, evening out the troughs and peaks of “low” and “high” season into a more-or-less even calendar, so you get the “full Disney experience” on any day of the year. It’s going to be fascinating to see how this pays off in terms of attendance and finances.