Extended Hours continue with first park opening times for September 2012

Summer, its late nights and long hours have always come to an all-too abrupt end at Disneyland Paris. As soon as the first weekend of September would roll around, the late 11pm openings would immediately switch back to a 7pm or even 6pm closing time as the high season crowds dispersed.

This year however, the 20th Anniversary Extended Hours, which technically continue to the end of the month, see Disneyland Park remain open until at least 9pm each night in the first half of September 2012, with even later 10pm and 11pm closing times for weekends. Like the hours earlier in the year, this is partly a bonus for guests but mostly a necessity for Disney Dreams! to be performed under darkness.

It remains to be seen how the hours for October and beyond will differ to previous years, one of the top questions we’re hearing at the moment. Those hours won’t be available for around another month. However, with the nights drawing in there won’t be the same need to extend hours, so don’t necessarily expect hours as generous as these.