Designated areas for smokers whilst in the parks.

As a place where people come to get away from it all and enjoy themselves, Disneys asks that smokers use common courtesy whilst in the parks. In 2008, this was cemented with the designation of special Smoking Areas throughout both parks, with guests being asked to smoke only in these areas.

In practice, however, they havn't proved all that popular so far — and you can't even blame other guests for a reluctance to comply. Though these Smoking Areas are shown on park maps, the advice that guests should smoke only in these areas is printed only as a minute detail in the map legend. Therefore, don't be surprised if you see people smoking all over the parks — but don't necessarily blame them either. It's a lack of information and drive on Disney's part to enforce the rule.

Nevertheless, if you'd like to start the trend or just want to know the best areas off the beaten track to take a break, we've mapped out the Smoking Areas below and described their locations and facilities. These areas have been created as much for the convenience of courteous smokers as for other non-smoking visitors, with benches, bins with ashtrays and in some places, cover from the rain.

Smoking Areas in Disneyland Park

Smoking in Disneyland Park
  • 1 Either side of the toilets on the main entrance/exit plaza
    Fantasia Gardens (little cover, little seating)
  • 2 Within the Main Street Arboretum area, next to City Hall
    Main Street, U.S.A. (covered, seating)
  • 3 Behind Fort Comstock, in the covered passageway
    Frontierland (covered, seating)
  • 4 Around Pueblo Trading Post
    Frontierland (little cover, seating)
  • 5 Opposite Restaurant Hakuna Matata, in the lower seating area by the river
    Adventureland (no cover, seating)
  • 6 Down the steps opposite La Cabane des Robinson, overlooking the bridge
    Adventureland (no cover, seating)
  • 7 Next to the terrace of Au Chalet de la Marionnette
    Fantasyland (covered, seating)
  • 8 To the right of The Old Mill
    Fantasyland (no cover, seating)
  • 9 Near the Bureau Passeport Annuel
    Discoveryland (no cover, little seating)
  • 10 Near Discoveryland Railroad Station entrance
    Discoveryland (little cover, seating)
  • 11 Between Space Mountain: Mission 2 and Videopolis Theatre
    Discoveryland (no cover, seating)

Smoking Areas in Walt Disney Studios Park

Smoking in Walt Disney Studios Park
  • 1 To the left of the Stroller & Wheelchair Rental location
    Front Lot (no cover, little seating)
  • 2 On the right of Art of Disney Animation, overlooking Cars Quatre Roues Rallye
    Toon Studio (no cover, seating)
  • 3 By the Hollywood Boulevard toilets, at the back of Art of Disney Animation
    Production Courtyard (no cover, seating)
  • 4 Between the Walt Disney Television Studios building and Café Cafés
    Production Courtyard (no cover, seating)
  • 5 To the left of the giant Moteurs... Action! Stunt Show Spectacular letters
    Backlot (no cover, seating)

Smoking at Disney Hotels

It's still normal to offer both smoking and non-smoking rooms at hotels in France, and so you will be asked your preference upon check in at a Disney Hotel.

Défense de fumer!

Under French law, it is now forbidden to smoke in all dining establishments, shops, indoor and covered areas. At Disneyland Paris, this includes attractions, theatres, queue lines and covered arcades.