Lost & Found

Lost something important?

It's a classic Disney story set-up, getting lost — be it a group of toys, a rookie racecar or a little clownfish called Nemo. But while you're enjoying all the fun of Disneyland Paris, it can be easy to suddenly misplace some of your personal property as you go from land to land.

Make sure you double check you've still got everything you came with as you leave each location; particularly any places such as restaurants or sit-down shows, where it's easy to leave behind a pair of gloves — or worse, a camera.

In the Parks

If you're quick enough to realise you've lost something during your visit, you should probably first head straight back to where you last definitely know you still had hold of it. Retrace your steps and you never know, you might be lucky — perhaps ask any other visitors nearby the area if they've seen the item; they may have already handed it in for you!

If you've no luck, head to the Lost & Found location within the park:

  • City Hall
    Main Street, U.S.A., Disneyland Park
  • Studio Services
    Front Lot, Walt Disney Studios Park

The Cast Members may not be able to immediately help, but they should take a note of what you've lost and contact you if it is found throughout the day. It's also a good idea to call in again at the end of the day, just to check again if anything has turned up.

Similarly, if you find a piece of lost property whilst exploring the parks, hand it in to the nearest location with a Cast Member in attendance — an attraction, restaurant or kiosk — or one of the two locations above. Particularly if it's a valuable item, this will prevent someone with a less honest attitude taking it!

After you leave

If you don't realise you've lost something until you return home, contact Disneyland Paris directly using their Guest Communications team.

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