Baby Care Centres

Find a calm place out of the way to change, feed and refresh.

It's no surprise so many parents take their youngest of children to Disneyland Paris. As well as offering a safe and colourful place where the whole extended family can have fun together, it provides excellent baby care facilities out of the way of other guests.

Baby Care Centres

Special Baby Care Centres in both parks offer quiet areas and dedicated facilities convenient for changing and feeding babies. You'll find changing tables, microwave ovens, bottle warmers, high chairs and comfortable seats. The locations also stock baby food and supplies such as nappies (diapers).

  • Between Discovery Arcade and Plaza Gardens Restaurant
    Main Street, U.S.A., Disneyland Park
  • Between Studio Services and Studio Photo
    Front Lot, Walt Disney Studios Park

In addition to these two centres, most regular park restrooms provide baby changing tables and rest areas in both the male and female rooms. Be sure to bring your own towel to lay on the changing table.

Lost Children

The two Baby Care Centres are also meeting points for Lost Children — or as Disney terms it, "Lost Parents". If you lose sight of your child whilst within the parks, contact the nearest Cast Member immediately. Calls are put out across the park and, when you child is found, they will often be taken here for a happy reunion.

With the Disney Parks offering such a bewildering array of distractions, it's recommended you keep a watchful eye over young children at all times, carrying them, holding their hand or keeping them on a leash in busy areas.

Babies at Disneyland Paris

Check our Ride Restrictions and Guidebook pages for advice concerning attraction suitability. Generally, most ride-based attractions are unsuitable for those under 1 year old.

All restaurants offer high chairs with tables and many boutiques stock toys and accessories for babies — particularly Bixby Brothers on the right-hand side of Town Square in Main Street, USA.

Stroller Rental is available at both parks for a charge, but you are always advised to bring your own pushchair if possible to avoid queues — and the not-so-nice "strollers" themselves. Often recommened by parents: a small combination bicycle lock. When left outside attractions and other locations, pushchairs have been known to become mixed up and taken by mistake, so it's better to be safe than sorry!

Although note: You may not always find a suitable railing to secure the pushchair.