Pushchair & Wheelchair Rental

Hire a pushchair or wheelchair inside the parks.

Walking the Disney theme parks can be a strain on the legs, so dedicated Stroller & Wheelchair Rental locations are available in both parks. Whether you need to hire a pushchair for a little dreamer or a wheelchair for an older visitor who needs help getting around the park, rates are fair and the chairs come in plentiful supply, meaning you don't have to carry your own when travelling to the resort.

Rental locations

Each park has its own Stroller & Wheelchair Rentals location, sponsored by Hertz. Although you can hire a chair from one location and then "park hop" to the other park, this incurs a quite heavy deposit to take the chair outside the gates of the park.

  • On the right after passing under Main Street Station, next to the Transportation building
    Main Street, U.S.A., Disneyland Park
  • Next to Studio Photo, to the right of the Disney Studio 1 entrance
    Front Lot, Walt Disney Studios Park

Both locations are open right through the day, matching the parks' opening hours.

Stroller / Pushchair rental

Pushchair hire in the parks is a very popular service and queues can be long in the mornings. Try to arrive just before the official park opening time or a little later in the morning for the shortest wait.

  • Daily hire € €20
    A €75 deposit is also required by cash or credit card

Due to limited availability on busy days, it is always recommended you bring your own pushchair if possible. Rental reservations cannot be made. Pushchairs remain your responsibility during your entire stay in the parks, and must be left at the entrances to attractions before you begin to queue.

It's worth noting that the "strollers" available to rent are hardly the most comfortable of chairs, sometimes compared to shopping trolleys with a basic metal frame construction and hard wheels. If your child is going to be riding in the chair for a considerable part of the day, it will likely be worth taking your own compact fold-up buggy or pram to make the experience more enjoyable for you both.

You'll also need to be careful where you leave the rented stroller outside attractions, as it can be easy for other guests to mistakenly take your chair. Either leaving an item of clothing in the pushchair or (more advisable) using a small bicycle or pushchair lock or other security device is strongly recommended.

Wheelchair rental

Wheelchair hire is especially useful for those who don't need full-time help getting around, but will feel the strain of a long day walking the parks. Those with leg injuries, other medical conditions or the elderly can hire a wheelchair to ensure they don't have to miss any of the fun.

  • Daily hire € €20
    A €75 deposit is also required by cash or credit card

Cast Members are not permitted to accompany guests in wheelchairs. Rental reservations cannot be made.