Disneyland Paris Annual Passes Pass Annuel Discovery, Magic Flex, Magic Plus, Infinity

The cost of 365 days of Disneyland Paris fun is about to almost double in price. Four new Annual Passport tiers are set to come into effect soon, with a major price increase for the top tier pass.

Titled Discovery, Magic Flex, Magic Plus and Infinity, the four new annual passes will completely replace the existing range of Classic, Fantasy and Dream passes from 29th March 2017.

The gap between each pass will now become drastically more distinct, with the lowest tier pass effectively losing 130 days of access and the highest tier pass offering 365 days seeing an enormous 79% price increase.

  • Discovery — 150 days access — €139
  • Magic Flex — 300 days access — €189
  • Magic Plus — 350 days access — €249
  • Infinity — 365 days access — €399

For that increase, however, Disneyland Paris is aiming to offer a more premium experience with the Infinity pass, such as PhotoPass included as standard and even a preferential car parking spot for the Disney Parks.

Above that, Infinity passholders will also reportedly get a reserved viewing area for the daily parade and nighttime show.

Both Magic Plus and Infinity passholders will apparently be able to benefit from a reserved entrance turnstile at each park, speeding up entry.

Current Disneyland Paris Annual Passports range (to 28th March 2017):
Current Disneyland Paris Annual Passports range (to 28th March 2017)

As with the current Annual Passports, where the new Discovery, Magic Flex and Magic Plus passes offer less than 365 days access, these days will be defined by set Blockout Dates, often preventing access on busier days.

For the Magic Plus pass, there will be only 15 restriction days, perhaps actually making this the best value annual ticket and the best replacement for the current Dream pass for most visitors — although still with a €26 price increase on the current 365 day ticket.

However, comparing access days directly, the cost of a true 365 day pass will rise from €223 for the current Dream pass to €399 for the Infinity.

The worth of the lowest tier Discovery pass has to also be questioned, at just €4 more than the current Classic pass, but with only 150 days access — you’d have to be seriously flexible (or lucky) with your visits to not feel short-changed.

Disneyland Paris Annual Passes Pass Annuel Discovery, Magic Flex, Magic Plus, Infinity

The longstanding “Passeport Annuel” name will also be shortened to “Pass Annuel”.

Disneyland Paris has admittedly been underpricing its Annual Passports for many years, with overly-generous access on the lower tiers. Compared to most other Disney resorts they are (or were) a steal, and we’ve become used to recommending them for visitors instead of even the standard four or five day tickets.

Including PhotoPass as standard is one idea borrowed from Disneyland California’s passes, for example, which are priced up to an astonishing $1,049 (€991 at today’s exchange) for the highest tier pass.

It can’t be any coincidence that this major pricing and structure change comes as The Walt Disney Company seeks to take an almost total grip on the resort.

With everything good this development might hopefully bring, it’s already presenting one serious drawback: forcing Disneyland Paris — or more accurately, in this case, its guests — to finally pay its way and turn a profit.

Will you pay for a new Annual Pass with these incoming changes? And which of the four passes would you choose? Moreover, do you agree with offering “preferential” treatment to holders of a premium-priced pass, above even those who pay to stay at Disney Hotels?

The current range of Annual Passports remain on sale and priced as before until 28th March 2017. If you were thinking about getting an annual pass this year and aren’t bothered about the new “premium” perks, it might pay to grab one now.

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Source: Disney Central Plaza

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