Disneyland Paris Meal Plans Disney Dining

Our guide to Disneyland Paris Meal Plans has been fully updated for the latest 2017 booking season and brochure information.

Now including the new Breakfast Meal Plan, it has been completely reorganised to fit all the information and prices you need on a single page — so no need to flip between brochure and price grids, or squint at small print just to see which restaurants are actually included.

The page now has separate sections for each of the three different Meal Plans, will complete price grids for standard rooms easily available. There’s also helpful tips to navigate the new Breakfast Meal Plan and work out if it’s right for you.

From 29th March 2017, Disney Hotels and the resort’s partner hotels will no longer include breakfast as standard.

As a way to conveniently push visitors towards a Half Board or Full Board Meal Plan, both of these plans will also include breakfast from this date.

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