Instagram is one of the big hits of the “app” world lately, a fun and friendly way to share quick snapshots with added vintage filter effects. Not one to be left out of the latest trends (after YouTube, FlickrFacebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr), you can now follow DLRP Magic! from your app, sharing a magical new photo from Disneyland Paris every day.

Don’t have Instagram yet? All you need is an Apple iOS device (such as an iPhone or iPod touch) or an Android smartphone. Just download the Instagram app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play respectively, and you’re away.

Now, just follow the magic! You can find and follow DLRP Magic! on your Instagram app in just three easy steps, shown below.

First, tap the “Explore” tab at the bottom. Then, search for “dlrpmagic” (all one word) in the search box. Tap DLRP Magic! in the search results to see our profile, then tap Follow. You’ll now see our photos in your feed. Feel free to also explore our previous photos — tapping the heart icon will “like” the photo and add it to your favourites.

If you can’t use Instagram itself, we’re also cross-posting these photos to Tumblr and Flickr.

Do you also have an Instagram account for your Disneyland Paris photos? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll follow back!

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