Today, 29th March 2012, is season changeover day for Disneyland Paris’ ticketing department. Along with the usual pricing revision, this has brought some changes to Annual Passports which we’ve now updated on our popular English guide to the tickets.

From this date forward, each of the three main tickets has gained a new “20ème Anniversaire” suffix, effectively branding any tickets bought from this date forward as different tickets to their predecessors with different benefits and terms. The most notable change is for the Passeport Annuel Fantasy 20ème Anniversaire, which now allows access to Extra Magic Hours, a benefit previously only allowed to the top-tier Dream passport. With this, the new ticket sees a price hike of €10 to a still-reasonable €159, whilst Francilien and Dream passports remain at €119 and €199 respectively.

The previous Découverte/Classic lowest tier passport appears to no longer be offered, though we have yet to confirm this. Perhaps to compensate, the new Francilien passport has a slight increase in the number of blockout dates.

For these new 20ème Anniversaire edition tickets, new Annual Passport Blockout Dates also apply, which we’ve added to the Calendar. If you’ve already got a valid annual passport bought before today, your terms, benefits and blockout dates remain as previously advertised. Existing Fantasy ticket holders do not gain Extra Magic Hours access, only new purchasers from today onwards.

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