We’ve been used to that tiny corner of Production Coutyard being behind blue construction walls for over a year now, but last week saw a sudden flurry of new fences — and more dramatic activity — in the area.

The walls have been extended to cover a much larger area in front of — and, interestingly, to the left of — the park’s new attraction.

Playhouse Disney - Live on Stage! construction

One thing not behind the fences of Playhouse Disney – Live on Stage! is the new show times board, reclaimed from the front of Stitch Live! last month and now finished in its new position with a nicer brick flooring.

Playhouse Disney - Live on Stage! construction Playhouse Disney - Live on Stage! construction

But that’s not all — continuing Paris’ love for high-tech video screen tips and times boards, the old poster case has now been fitted with a fancy LCD screen, so that the show times are updated throughout the day and always kept in-sync with the LED electronic displays below the entrance sign.

Next, our friends at Photos Magiques did what fans do best and moved over to the top of the Disney Village parking structure to get a look behind those construction fences…

Playhouse Disney - Live on Stage! construction

Above, you can see the new wall constructed along the side of the Television Studios building, where it is expected guests will exit from the attraction. Recently, the backstage doors here were painted the same purple/pink as the Playhouse Disney logo.

What? Not dramatic enough for you? Well, take a look at this…!

Playhouse Disney - Live on Stage! construction

Just as they were blasting a hole in the wall of Walt Disney Studios Store, the construction crew were finally given chance to let loose and remove that abandoned character trailer!

As we only very recently wrote in a special Wish List column about the decaying caravan, it had long ago ceased to serve its purpose. Since this expansion slot is unlikely to see construction of Soarin’ or another new attraction anytime soon, we concluded it’d be a wise investment to build up a higher berm (a boundary hill) and some thick trees here, to finally block the outside world.

Well, they’ve been ruthless enough to finally remove the dirty temporary fences along this stretch and fill in the area where the trailer used to be, to make sure it all looks clean and tidy for the launch of Playhouse Disney. But, this is still the Disneyland Resort Paris we know and love…

Playhouse Disney - Live on Stage! construction

…Not so ruthless after all.

Pictures: PhotosMagiques.com

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