We said the shop, very popular amongst fans, would be heading toward a typical Western sunset when its closing date was officially announced, but here’s the part you never see after those end credits roll… the blackout.

Stroll through Disney Village today and you’ll still see the oversized Western accessories hanging atop its large wooden entrance construction, but there’s no life inside — the windows covered over in black and given the standard “This area is being refurbished for your future enjoyment” notices…

Buffalo Trading Co. closed Buffalo Trading Co. closed

The ripping-out of the old Buffalo Trading Co. interior should now be well underway, ready for the fitting-out of that brand new Starbucks Coffeehouse rumoured to be opening.

Yes — still “rumoured”! Neither Starbucks nor Euro Disney SCA has announced anything about a new opening in Disney Village, though there is really no doubt.

Meanwhile, the three stores of Thunder Mesa Mercantile Building in Frontierland and the General Store of Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne will be our remaining frontier for Western goods.

Look out for a special photo tour and history of the old boutique when our Remember…? resort history column finally returns later this week!

Photos from the latest Photos Magiques trip report, here.

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