Because, though The Enchanted Fireworks began on 5th July this year with a flurry of brand new firework styles and some truly impressive “bangs” for a daily Disneyland Resort Paris fireworks show, the residents of this small town by the Marne river have done the Disneyland equivalent of politely banging on the wall by asking the pyrotechnic directors to hone-in the spectacular finale a little.

So, after one month of the original show, we’ve got a re-write. The result: A ‘Happy Ending’ that now consists more of an “encore” of styles seen earlier in the show, rather than those (for a daily show here) huge, plentiful bangs filling the sky.

The latest available video of the show clearly shows the changes (skip to 8mins):

Compare this with our video of the original finale (skip to 6:30mins):

The change is clear enough when you’ve seen the original, but otherwise probably doesn’t detract from the overall show. Many additional fireworks of a quieter style, bursting upwards from the ground rather than “banging” in the sky, have been added by the directors to ease the vibrations on Chessy’s eardrums.

Though you’d never know it visiting Disneyland Resort Paris by literally any means of transport (unless you were a hopeless navigator), the small town of Chessy nestles almost right behind Disneyland Park with its neighbour Montévrain, down a gradient toward the river, and has been vocal since the resort’s opening on the use of loud fireworks.

For fans of the show, and the resort, it’s refreshing to know that sixteen years later Disney are obviously still trying to gently nudge the limits of what they can do — even if they are pushed back again.

[Videos: remkove, DLRP Magic! Video; Lead picture:]

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