We’re having a day of follow-ups on DLRP Today, and the Castle Bridge refurbishment is high up there on your list of concerns. Long ago in March, we had the ultimate horror — construction fences around Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant!


As anyone about to depart for the magic was thrown into a brief panic, it soon transpired that the bridge required repairs and retouching of its concrete shell sooner rather than later. The harsh Parisian climate and its frosts do make the upkeep of fairytale architecture less than a ‘once upon a dream’.

Luckily, but the time April rolled around and the resort — mostly Walt Disney Studios Park, in fact — was invaded by press and VIPs, the bridge was finished and shining a brilliant clean white…


So clean, actually, that the Castle above now seems a little dull.

Image Image

It’ll be an unlucky time when refurbishment does finally begin on Le Château herself, but never too soon. A full restoration was expected before even the 15th Anniversary, but amounted to nothing more than a slight clean-up. After the 15th, we then expected. Well, with the 15th Anniversary now continuing for another whole year, will it ever get done?


Before next year’s celebration, perhaps. One can always dream in Fantasyland…

[Photos: Photos Magiques, DLRP Today]

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