It’s a modest refreshing of an equally modest entrance, sure. But, given that this area of Production Courtyard will be overrun by the press and VIPs in a couple of weeks to mark the official inaugurations of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Stitch Live!, it’s certainly better than nothing to see the tired yellow walls repainted and a little darker purple to break up some empty space.

The green construction walls have now moved to completely enclose the right-hand side of the Studio 2 waiting area, extending out into the courtyard to allow workers to begin repainting the outer purple panels of the roof in a more traditional burgundy and magnolia, as already seen on the other side.


Underneath the canopy, walls have receded in the waiting area on the left, revealing the new two-thirds-purple wall, currently without its framed posters for movies featured in the attraction. The second waiting area is completely closed to guests, with more flashing “strobe” lights also added to its ceiling.


One noticeable change for CinéMagique fans is the sudden disappearance of the movie cell banners which previously hung from the metal beams of the roof, showing series of split-second stills from various films. Many, such as 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and 102 Dalmations, were not even featured in the actual show inside.

Finally, the famous “Mickey holding a spanner” refurbishment signs began to disappear last year in favour of new signs announcing preparations for the 15th Anniversary (with a “join us from 1st April 2007” line remaining in place on many throughout the year). Now they’re changing again, adopting “The Celebration Continues” wrapping paper designs and the line “In this area, we are preparing even more magic”.


Well, it’s good to see that even with its new hit attractions, the park is still humbly proud of some fresh paint and a few lights.

[Photos credit: Dlrp Time blog]

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