Extra Magic Hours, half board vouchers, more Disney characters… Just a few of the positive changes we’ve seen at Disneyland Resort Paris in recent years. Another, without doubt — better advertising, and not just in “our” world — inside the resort, too. Since June last year, new and future attractions have been promoted on giant billboards next to the resort hub, plus posters and banners along the moving walkway to the main car park, just as new attractions and entertainments have been for years along the parking lot tram route at Disneyland in California, and other resorts.

For new guests, these have provided the vital information that the new attractions are all located in the second gate, whilst on the “return journey”, they promise of things still to come — such as the latest addition, ‘Stitch Live!’.


These new banners replaced those for Crush’s Coaster and Cars Quatre Roues Rallye on 20th January 2008 as, for the fourth time in the space of 12 months, we see the words “Nouvelle Attraction” next to the Walt Disney Studios Park logo.

The advertisements take on a colour scheme of mainly reds and blues, with the same ‘Stitch Live!’ logo as the new attraction marquee overlapping from the banner in the same style as elements of the earlier Crush and Cars advertisements.

Image Image

In the car park (or “parking lot”) itself, new posters have also now been installed in the display cases, a rare event for a new attraction until recent months.

These give a closer look at the new image of Stitch being used to explain the concept of the show, which is entirely new to Europe and may prove a little difficult to explain, even once the show has opened — is it a live show with characters? A meet ‘n’ greet?


Whilst from a distance it appears like Stitch is resting on some kind of alien landscape, a starry blue sky expanding above him, the “landscape” is actually made up entirely of human hands, carrying the little blue alien across the audience of the “living character” attraction.

Hard to do that with CGI on a giant screen, admittedly, but hopefully those hands will at least be used for great applause once Stitch makes his debut on 22nd March!

— With thanks to the 15th Anniversary Blog and WDSfans.com for the photos!

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