Saturday, 9th February 2007

Disney Princesses Pin Trading Starter Kit (New Edition) 2008
Reference number 209411008002
Price 19.90 Euros

Thursday, 14th February 2008

Saint Valentine’s 2008
Reference number 209501008049
Price 10.90 Euros

Saturday, 16th February 2007

Mickey High School Musical
Reference number 2094010080107
Price 6.00 Euros

Minnie High School Musical
Reference number 209401008018
Price 6.00 Euros

Retrospective Series 2004: The Legend of the Lion King
Limited edition 900 ex
Reference number 209501007062
Price 10 .90 Euros

Saturday 23rd February 2008

Walt Disney Series #1: Steamboat Willie
Reference number 209501008025
Limited Edition 900 ex
Price 11.90 Euros

Space Mountain: Mission 2
Reference number 209401007135
Price 6.00 Euros

Pin Trading Nights

This month’s Pin Trading Night takes place on 22nd February 2008 at Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe, from 6:00pm. The Pin Trading Night for March 2008 is scheduled for 28th March 2008 at Disney’s Hotel New York.

Pin Trading Event – Mickey’s 80th Pin’versary

Mickey Mouse celebrates his 80th birthday this year! A special Pin Event is scheduled for 29th March 2008, from 9:00am to 5:00pm in “Times Square Place” at Disney’s Hotel New York. You can contact the CRO (Central Reservations Office) now on +33 825 30 60 30 to book.

Pin Trading February 2008

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